Benjamin Jewett


I learned about the MPA advisement office at ETSU orientation. I think it is very important that pre-health students get plugged into the MPA office as early as possible so they have maximum time to take advantage of all the resources available to them. I regularly attended MPA advising sessions and MPA-sponsored events where Quillen College of Medicine faculty would discuss what they were looking for in an applicant. I also took PREH 1350, which is an MPA sponsored course where students explore various health professions and find out what field of healthcare field best suits them.


Student organizations

I think one of the most helpful organizations was the Pre-Health Living and Learning Community (PHLLC). There is a huge emphasis on inter-professional, academic, and extracurricular development in this organization which translates to graduates involved with PHLLC having exceptional applications to medical schools. A successful medical school applicant needs to have a complete and competitive application in multiple domains, and a comprehensive program like the PHLLC makes this daunting task much easier.


ETSU classes and faculty/staff members

ETSU gave me the opportunity to work in a research laboratory with Dr. Gregory Ordway at Quillen, where I was first exposed to both medical research and the incredible complexities of the human nervous system. Ultimately, my time in this lab was instrumental in helping me choose my future medical specialty.


One piece of advice

I would encourage applicants to thoroughly explore several career fields and consider the costs and benefits of pursuing each healthcare field.