Morgan Camper


I was a member of the Pre-Health Living Learning Community (PHLLC) on campus, and the advisors were members of the MPA office. We were required to meet with our major advisors and the MPA advisors every semester, so I got to know my advisors very well.


Student Organizations

I was a member of the PHLLC, and this helped me tremendously. We were offered opportunities to volunteer in the community and make special connections with different organizations and community members. On top of this, we were also given the opportunity to learn how to interview, create a resume, and network, which I believe truly helped me get to where I am today.

Along with the PHLLC, I was a member of Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medicine (Pre-SOMA) and Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED). These two clubs not only provided me with more volunteer opportunities, but also brought in guest speakers from different facets of the health care industry.


Studying and Serving in Appalachia

I have a passion for serving the rural and underserved population of Appalachia. After living in Appalachia for four years, the people here mean a lot to me. This is why I have decided to continue my education in the Appalachian region and continue to serve the area and people.


One Piece of Advice

As cheesy as it sounds, you can do anything you set your mind to. Don't spend your entire time studying – there needs to be a balance. There will be difficult classes and tests you just don't do well on. Just remember that one letter or score doesn't define you and doesn't decide your future. Go out and have fun, play intramurals, do chorus, join clubs! Just do what makes you happy.