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Medical Professions Advisement

Center for Advisement and Student Excellence

PREH 1350- Health Professions Exploration Course

Our PREH-1350 course is a 3 credit hour course that serves undergraduate students planning to enter one of our health majors or a post- baccalaureate professional school. Typical students that enroll in PREH 1350, include pre-medical professions students and majors in Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, Nursing and Public Health.

This course will also address important areas that students will encounter in the healthcare field including: emotional maturity, interprofessional communication as well as competencies regarding life goals, individual values, and decision-making skills.

Here are some of the areas our course covers:

- Give an overview of healthcare professions
- Give an overview of training requirements for healthcare professions 
- Provide career guidance in helping students narrow and proceed with career plans 
- Create an alternative career path in the event acceptance in to their professional school of choice is not   fulfilled
- Provide core competencies for interprofessional collaboration (values/ethics, roles/ responsibilities,  interprofessional communication and teamwork)


Since it's start in 2010, PREH-1350 has provided tools to help students find their career path and enhance the skills necessary to be a competitive applicant to their intended professional schools.

Feedback from students is a testament to our continued success:

"I enjoyed being able to enhance my knowledge on a topic that will greatly help me in my future..."

"This class helped me figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life"

"This course provides students with a solid foundation in health care related fields, problems, and career choices as well as preparing students with information and experience they will need in order to become a health care professional"

"Take the course. Pay attention to the lectures and presentations...they help you think about your future and what you want to do with it!"

"This is a great class for Freshman to have because it allows them to think ahead and decide if they want to continue on this path."

"This course presented me a deeper understanding of healthcare careers and of myself"


To ensure that our course continues to serve it's purpose in providing students with the knowledge the need to achieve their goals, we have a PREH-1350 Advisory Committee that continuously reviews and evaluates the content of the course.  

The committee includes the following members:

  • Dr. Joe Bidwell, Chair of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Melissa Schrift, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Coordinator of Culture and Health Minor
  • Dr. Mike Stoots, Undergraduate Coordinator and Associate Professor, College of Public Health
  • Dr. Lindsay Bondurant, Assistant Professor, College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences
  • Martha Edde, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Director of Medical Professions Advisement
  • Ashley Browning, Academic Counselor- Medical Professions Advisement 





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