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Archives of Appalachia

The Center for Appalachian Studies & Services


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Robert Bell

Includes a nineteenth century home remedy book of cures for various illnesses and injuries.

Broadside Television

Includes videotaped programs on early health care undertaken by women; gathering of herbs and ginseng for medicinal uses; the symptoms and treatment of high blood pressure; health screening programs for senior citizens; mental health problems and services in the region; water quality and other health issues related to the Bumpass Cove (Tenn.) landfill controversy of the 1970s; and interviews with midwives.

Bumpass Cove-Embreeville

Includes material on health issues related to environmental pollution involving a landfill operation in the Bumpass Cove-Embreeville, Tenn. area in the 1970s.

Thomas G. Burton

Includes transcripts and oral interviews of individuals discussing folk medicine and herbal remedies.


This folklore collection includes recordings of Appalachian residents discussing such topics as childbirth and midwives, folk medicine, herb gathering, early physicians, superstitions, and other health issues.

Cass Family Business

Includes records of East Tennessee Medicine Company, a proprietary company founded by Dr. Marie Hendrick Phillip Panhorst in Jonesborough, Tenn. in 1890 and purchased in 1901 by the Cass family of Johnson City, Tenn. Records cover 1891-1925 and include financial papers, correspondence, and advertising materials. Also included are records related to the Ferguson Drug Company, a drug store which operated in Johnson City, also partially owned by the Cass family.

Congress for Appalachian Development

Includes correspondence, reports, articles, and other material related to various aspects of health and health care in Appalachia, including coal industry pollution concerns, cybernetics, black lung disease, and mine health and safety.

Council of Nursing of Upper East Tennessee

The council's goals have been to provide continuing education for area nurses and to foster continuity in nursing care in East Tennessee. The collection includes financial records, correspondence, publications, and other organizational material and relates to such topics as diabetes control, drug therapy, stroke rehabilitation, and the Mid-South Regional Medical Program.

Council on Appalachian Women

Includes correspondence, reports, research files, photographs, and other material related to such topics as abortion, domestic violence, child care, infant mortality, and other health issues, especially as these relate to women in Appalachia.

Edward G. DeVault Family

Includes a physician's 1881 notebook that documents late 19th century medical practices.

Dr. and Mrs. A.S.N. Dobson

Edited autobiography that contains information on Dobson's career as a medical doctor in the Broylesville, Tenn., region in the mid-to-late 19th century.

Charles Gunter, Jr.

This collection of audio recordings includes discussions of such health-related topics as early area physicians, the practice of medicine, and midwifery.

Hilton's Folk Medicine Survey

Consists of a survey on self treatment and home remedies along with oral interviews of individuals from Hiltons, Va. Served as the basis for Anthony P. Cavender's book Folk Medicine in southern Appalachia.

Nat E. Hyder

Includes account books documenting Hyder's career as a Carter Co., Tenn. doctor between 1874-1900. The books include patient names, dates, type of service rendered, fees, and method of payment

Abraham Jobe

This memoir documents Jobe's youth, his medical and surgical practice in western N.C. and northeast Tenn., and his Civil War experiences. It was edited by David C. Hsiung and published in 2009 under the title A mountaineer in motion.

John A. Jones

Consists of 93 almanacs published between 1849-1929 by various companies, primarily patent medicine firms. Almanacs include information on health, medicine, and the advertising of medicines.


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