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Archives of Appalachia

The Center for Appalachian Studies & Services

University Publications


The University Archives maintains publications produced by ETSU offices and departments.  Below is a list of publications on file.

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Academic Notes [Academic Affairs]
Accent on Mathematics
Actus Medicus [Quillen College of Medicine]
African and African-American Studies Newsletter
Alumni Quarterly
Appalachian Writers' Newsletter [Appalachian Affairs]
Archives of Appalachia Newsletter, 1979-1993
Arts Line, The [Appalachian Council for the Arts]


Baptist Bucs
Beta Epsilon News
BGS News [Bachelor of General Studies Program]
Biblio Tech
Biomedical Communications Newsletter
Bluegrass/Country Music Program News
Buc-O-Notes [Intercollegiate Athletics]
Business Executive, The ETSU
Business Talk


Capillary, The [Quillen College of Medicine]
CAPS Newsletter [Adult Programs and Services]
Carroll Reece Museum Newsletter
Celebrate ETSU
Center's View, The [Kingsport University Center]
Chemistry Department News
CIM Alliance News [Computer Integrated Manufacturing Alliance]
Clarion, The [English]
Class Notes [Professional Development]
College of Education News
College of Medicine Newsletter [Quillen College of Medicine]
Committee of 1000 News [National Alumni Association]
Communicator, The [Advanced Graduate Studies]
COMmunity [Quillen College of Medicine]
Community Partnerships Student Newsletter [Kellogg Initiative]
COMNEWS [Quillen College of Medicine]
Computer and Information Sciences Newsletter
Computing Newsletter [Computer Services]
CPAH [College of Public and Allied Health]
CSEP Newsletter [Human Resources]
Current Affairs [Student Affairs]
Current Research Briefs [Research Council]


Denizen, The [Housing and Residence Life]
Department of Family Medicine Report
Department of Foreign Languages Newsletter
DOCtrine [Quillen College of Medicine]


East Tennessee Business Indicators [Business]
East Tennessee Education [East Tennessee State College]
East Tennessee Nurse, The
East Tennessee State University Retirees Association Newsletter
East Tennessee Teacher, The [East Tennessee State Normal School]
Ebony Exchange [Minority Affairs]
Education News and Views
Education in the Tennessee Press [Research Council]
Education News and Views
Education Newsletter [Supervision and Administration]
Employment Opportunities
ETSU Accent, 1993- [Faculty-Staff]
ETSU Art News
ETSU Business Executive, The
ETSU In Motion [Faculty-Staff]
ETSU Journalist
ETSU Music Today
ETSU Style [Admissions]
ETSU Veteran, The
Evening and Off-Campus Newsletter
Events Calendar, The
Excellence in Banking
Explorations [Research and Sponsored Programs Administration]


Family Practice In Motion
Financial Aid Newsletter
Who's Who in Foreign Languages in Tennessee High Schools
Foundation and University Advancement Newsletter
Fresh Start Update


Geography Newsletter
Graduate Studies Newsletter


HCOP Newsline [Health Careers Opportunity Program]
Here's to Your Health [Nursing]
Hi Teacher [Special Events]
High Tech High Touch [Applied Science and Technology]
History Alumni and Associates Newsletter
Home Economics Newsletter
Horizons [Career Development]


In a Hickory Shell [Quillen College of Medicine]
Industrial Arts Newsletter
Inside the History Department: A Newsletter
Insight [Arts and Sciences]
Internal Medicine News [Quillen College of Medicine]
International Connections
International Dimensions
It May Be. . . NEWS TO YOU [Nursing]


Journal of Humanics [Social Work]
Journey Through Fantasy Literature
Jr. Buc Chat [University School]


KUC Update
KUC Update [Kingsport University Center]


Labor Market Report
Leadership News [Leaders Developing Leaders]
Let's Communicate
"Life" Times [Geriatrics and Gerontology]


Management and Marketing Newsletter
Media Messenger [Instructional Media Center]
Mockingbird [English]
Monitor [Quillen College of Medicine]
Music at ETSU
Mutineer, The [University School]


News [Adult Programs and Services]
News and Comments [Faculty]
News and Notes [Appalachian Studies and Services]
News & Views [Adult Programs and Services]
News and Views [Industrial Arts]
News CASS [Appalachian Studies and Services]
News 4 You!! [Medical Education]
News!!! From the Department of Biological Sciences
News Notes [Quillen College of Medicine]
Newsletter [Home Economics]
Newsletter [Industrial Education]
Normal News [East Tennessee Normal School]
Now and Then [A ppalachian Studies and Services]


OB/GYN Update [Quillen College of Medicine]
Office of Rural and Community Health
OLIO [English]
OM/DBE Talk [Office Management, Distributive Business Education]


Papers [Honors Program]
Physical Plant News
Physics Department News
Piano Perspectives
Pieces of Eight [Computer Services]
Preparation for Leadership [Reserve Officer Training]
Professional Staff Association Newsletter
Professor, The [Faculty Senate]


Quarter Notes [Music]
Questions and Answers [Admissions and Records]
QUILLEN [Quillen College of Medicine]


Real Student Affairs, The
Reflections [Tennessee Small Business Development]
Education in the Tennessee Press
Research Funding Opportunities [Research and Sponsored Programs]
Research News [Research and Sponsored Programs]
Research Review [Research Advisory Council]
Road to Wonderful [English]
Rural Family Doctor [Quillen College of Medicine]
Rx Notes [Quillen College of Medicine]


Speech Spoke [Communication]
Storytelling World
Student Life LINES
Student Publications


Teaching and Learning at ETSU
Tennessee Health Care Consortium for Nursing
The Tennessee State Retail Sales Report [Business]
Tennessee Storytelling Journal
Treasure Trove [S tate Teachers College]
Tri-Cities Retail Sales Report [Business]


Update, 1978-1983 [Faculty-Staff]


Veterans Upward Bound Newsletter
Vibrations [Baptist Student Union]


Watauga Review [East Tennessee State College]
Wellness Center / Human Performance Lab
WETS-FM Program Guide
What's It to You? [Student Government]
Who's Who in Foreign Languages in Tennessee High Schools
With Honors [Honors Program]
Women's Health: A Mountain Update [Quillen College of Medicine]
Women's Resource Center Newsletter
World [International Programs]


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