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College of Arts & Sciences

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Ray   Mohseni 

Director (faculty)
423-439-6913 /
Brown Hall Room 467


  • Identification and characterization of vitamin D in dairy products using LC/MS
  • Pesticide residue analysis on agrochemical crops


  • Integrating High School Chemistry and Literacy for STEM Prosperity (Jan.-Dec. 2016), PI: Chih-Che Tai; Co-PIs: Renee Moran and Reza Mohseni, 2016 Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program, Tennessee Higher Education Commission, USD $75,000

REPRESENTATIVE PUBLICATIONS                           

  • Seaton, K; Little, I; Tate, C; Mohseni, R; Roginskaya, M; Povazhnity, V; Vasiliev, A; “Adsorption of cesium on silica gel containing embedded phosphotungstic acid”; Microporous and Mesoporous Materials; 224(2017) 55-66
  • Roginskaya, M.; Mohseni, R.; Moore, T. J.; Bernhard, W. A.; Razskazovskiy, Y.; Identification of the C4’-Oxidized Abasic Site as the Most Abundant 2-Deoxyribose Lesion in Radiation-Damaged DNA Using a Novel HPLC-Based Approach; Radiat. Res.; 2014, 181, 131-137
  • Brown, L.; Seaton, K.; Mohseni, R.; Vasiliev, A.;  Immobilization of heavy metals on pillared montmorillonite with a grafted chelate ligand. Journal of Hazardous Materials; 2013, 261, 181-187.
  • Addy, M.; Losey, B.; Mohseni, R.; Zlotnikov, E.; Vasiliev A. Adsorption of heavy metal ions on mesoporous silica-modified montmorillonite containing a grafted chelate ligand. Appl. Clay Sci. 2012, 59–60, 115–120.
  • Simerly, T.; Milligan, T.; Mohseni, R,; Vasiliev, A. Immobilization of ethylene bis-indenyl ligands on functionalized silica gel. Tetr. Lett. 2012, DOE:10.1016/j.tetlet.2012.07.089.
  • Manz, C.; Williams, L.; Mohseni, R.; Zlotnikov, E.; Vasiliev, A. Dispersibility of organically coated silver nanoparticles in organic media, Colloid. Surf. A. 2011, 385 (1–3), 201-205.
  • Wardeska, J.; Mohseni, R.; Kopp, D. R.; Huang, T.S.; Experiments in General Chemistry; 6th Edition, Wiley, 2011.



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