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Communication & Performance

College of Arts & Sciences

The creative arts scholarship is designed to bring quality out-of-state students to East Tennessee State University.  The scholarship award covers out-of-state tuition, reducing the amount the student pays for in-state tuition.  The scholarship award may vary from term to term depending on the number of credit hours for which a student is registered.  The average scholarship award for 2017-2018 will be $18,000 for the academic year.

Applicants for the Creative Arts Scholarship may only receive out-of-state tuition benefits through one program. ETSU offers various out-of-state programs and scholarships to assist with out-of-state tuition which include:  Academic Common Market, George L. Carter Scholarship, Sidney G. Gilbreath Scholarship, Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship, University Honors Scholars Program, Honors-in-Discipline Scholarships, Midway Scholarship, Public Service Corps Scholarship. Graduate students may apply for Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships instead of the Creative Arts Scholarship. Students in the Communication and Storytelling Studies master’s degree who are members of the National Storytelling Network (NSN) are eligible for in-state tuition through NSN. Ask storytelling faculty for more information.

General Requirements

Undergraduate recipients are required to enroll in 15 hours each term.  The scholarship award will not be posted to the student’s account until he/she is enrolled in 15 hours.

Graduate recipients are required to enroll in 9 hours each term.

Incoming freshmen are required to live on campus for their freshmen year only.  They will also be required to purchase a meal plan.  (This does not apply to transfer students and graduate students.)

ETSU provides an Arts Living and Learning Community.  Recipients are not required to live there, but may choose to do so.

Academic standards must be met each semester for renewal of the scholarship the subsequent semester.

Communications Studies (Forensics) Requirements

Register for COMM 2325 Forensics & Debate Team.

Attend weekly meetings of the Speech Team.

Compete in three tournaments per semester.

Support Speech Team service activities (e.g., fundraising).

Storytelling Requirements

Be an undergraduate storytelling minor or be a graduate student in Communication and Storytelling Studies

Maintain a 3.0 GPA in the minor/M.A.

Be an active member of TaleTellers student organization.

 Tell stories each semester in various community venues.

 Attend meetings regularly.

Tell at or help produce the Regeneration Story Slam (or its equivalent) each semester

Start your Creative Arts Scholarship application:

Forensics and Debate (Comm. Studies/Speech)        Storytelling Minor/Graduate student

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