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Communications Studies

Communication & Performance


Keep in Touch

Please join us for professional networking, job openings, and keeping in touch at the ETSU Communication Studies Alumni LinkedIn Group.

And "Like" us on our ETSU Communication Studies Alumni Facebook site.


We're happy to hear from you, and we want to hear about your successes. We hope that when you think of your college days, you have fond memories of the department, its faculty and staff, and your classmates. When was the last time you studied for a test? Or pulled an all-nighter? As difficult as it was, balancing school, work, and all that play, it was still a great time in our lives. 


Internships are now a must for students to learn the intricacies of their potential future careers, and develop real-world work experience. These 'learning-on-the-job' opportunities are reciprocally beneficial: for the student and for the organization where she/he interns. Does your organization offer an internship? If so, we'd like to place one of our outstanding Communication Studies students with you. Please contact  to coordinate internship opportunities for Communication Studies.

Return to the Classroom

When you attended college, don't you wish someone – besides the Communication Studies faculty – would have told you how important communication is in the work world and in your relationships? Now you have the opportunity to do that for our current students.

Since you left ETSU you've gained a lot of experience in your field. You understand the trends and the dilemmas. You know what an employer wants. You know some of the mistakes new graduates can make and how to avoid them. Your practical experience is invaluable. While you are always welcome to come to the classroom to talk about your insights and experience, we want to remind you that we do have the annual "Alumni Return to the Classroom" every fall semester. If you wish to share your expertise, your knowledge, and your wisdom with the next generation of Communication Studies students, please contact us.

Mary B. Herrin Memorial Scholarship

Established to honor Mary Bomar Herrin, a long-time faculty member at ETSU. This scholarship honors Professor Herrin's commitment to teaching, her interest in students, and her devotion to improving oral and written communication skills. Each year, a $500 scholarship is awarded to a Communication Studies major who has at least one semester remaining before graduating (A scholarship is also given in the Department of English to one of their students). Selection of the recipient is made by the CMST faculty.

By supporting this scholarship, you are assisting a current student achieve her/his academic and professional dreams. Please contact us, and help us continue to support our outstanding students.


Getting a higher education is expensive. You also know not getting a higher education is more expensive. Providing our students with scholarships, not only relieves them of the stress of working sometimes two or more jobs, but helps them to succeed academically.

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