Receive In-State Tuition Rates as an Out-of-State Student with a Creative Arts Scholarship.

The Creative Arts Scholarship Program is for first-time, out-of-state graduate and undergraduate students, including international and transfer students. Applicants must be accepted to ETSU before they will be considered for a Creative Arts Scholarship.

These scholarships are available to all majors, regardless of your respective college. Scholarships are awarded for 8 semesters (does not include summers) and are available in 20 different programs. Scholarship recipients only pay in-state tuition rates and will receive support in an amount equivalent to out-of-state tuition (approximately $19,000 per academic year). Some academic areas may require recipients to be majors or minors while other areas only require recipients to participate in their discipline. Recipients will participate in creative arts activities or performances that have a University or community audience, as directed by their Creative Arts Scholarship Coordinator.

All freshmen are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan for their freshman year (does not apply to graduate and transfer students).

If you qualify for the E-Rate or are involved in another program that allows you to pay in-state tuition (including, but not limited to, Academic Common Market, Public Service Corps Scholarships,  STEM Scholarship or Honors College Scholarships), you will not be eligible for this scholarship.  


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The Creative Arts Scholarship Program represents ETSU’s commitment to recruit talented students whose public participation enriches our campus and our community.