ETSU is committed to providing excellent training and opportunities for students in the creative arts and for students with interest in continued opportunities to pursue creative endeavors.

Qualifications and Benefits

  • New first time ETSU out-of-state students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are eligible (including international students)
  • Scholarship recipients receive support in an amount equivalent to out-of-state tuition (approximately $19,000 per academic year)
  • Recipients pay only in-state tuition rates
  • Scholarship award is for 8 semesters (does not include summers)
  • Scholarships in some academic areas require recipients to be majors/minors.  Other academic areas, such as Music and Bluegrass, Old Time and Country Musicmay award to scholarships to students who participate in their discipline but major/minor in another academic department.  
  • The Creative Arts Scholarship cannot be combined with any other out-of-state scholarship. 


  • Recipients are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan for their freshmen year
  • Recipients will participate in creative arts activities or performances that have a University or community audience, as directed by their Creative Arts Scholarship Coordinator


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