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Students gain experience in journalism, advertising, and photography through this student-run newspaper.

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The Creative Arts Scholarship Program is for first-time, out-of-state graduate and undergraduate students, including international and transfer students. Applicants must be accepted to ETSU before they will be considered for a Creative Arts Scholarship.

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The East Tennessean—the student-run newspaper of East Tennessee State University—serves the ETSU community by acting as the watchdog of the campus and covering occurrences on and around campus with fairness and objectivity. Printed by the Elizabethton Star every Monday and Thursday during the academic year, the East Tennessean is distributed to most university buildings and can be obtained for free from one of the publication’s many racks. The paper gives students the power to share campus news, sports, and entertainment while building experiences in journalism, photography, and advertising. 


Every semester, we aim to hire staff writers and editors with diverse interests and footholds in organizations and departments around campus. These writers and editors act as the newspaper’s experts on their particular topics of interest, allowing the newspaper to more adequately cover as much of university life as possible.  


The East Tennessean is your source for everything ETSU.