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Students are challenged to think conceptually, learn the design process, and become a visual problem solver.

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The Graphic Design program emphasizes visual problem solving with a variety of graphic media. Illustration, typography, photography, and computer technology are used to design branding and corporate identity systems (logos), ads, packages, displays, posters, websites, animations, and other collateral forms of visual communication. Students are challenged to think conceptually, research and investigate, engage in a design process, and develop a critical eye.


The Graphic Design faculty brings many years of professional experience to the classroom and assigns assignments that mirror the profession. The Graphic Design faculty stays actively engaged in creative research projects to enhance their professional expertise. Our Graphic Design workshop provides students with experience working with real clients. They design materials for non-profit agencies as a form of service learning. Students receive practical experience in account management, design, and production. The Graphic Design program strives to help students develop a strong portfolio of work in order to launch their careers. Graduates of this program work in advertising agencies, design firms, publication industries, and corporate graphic design departments.