“I’ve been affiliated with ETSU's Bluegrass, Old Time and Country Music Studies in various ways since it’s inception…this program is helping ETSU take the worldwide lead in educational leadership in the field of contemporary music studies. It’s an invaluable resource for the community, bluegrass music, and the future of both.”
Tim Stafford
“Thanks for giving me the guidance and the encouragement to get into the music business. Most of all, thanks for your friendship.”
Kenny Chesney 
(from a personal note to our program's founder)
"The Bluegrass and Old Time Music Studies at ETSU is a unique opportunity to learn and perform the traditional music that has shaped my life. I am proud to be an Alumnus of the program and to be able to watch the steady growth that it has enjoyed.”
Adam Steffey 


Alumni Awards

Some of our alumni have attained international recognition. More succeed in making music a full time career. We believe the lives of all our students are enriched. Below are some examples of highly successful musicians with roots in our program. Yet for each national award represented below, there are many other alumni working as musicians and doing what they love. 

Adam Steffey

Amythyst Kiah

Angela Oudean

Aynsley Porchak

Barry Bales

Becky Buller

Beth Lawrence

Brandon Green

Brent Burke

Corbin Hayslett

Dan Boner

Daniel Greenson

Danny Clark

Haselden (Hasle) Ciaccio

Hunter Berry

Jesse Gregory

Kameron Keller

Kenny Chesney

Matt Wright

Megan McCormick

Noah Wall

Tim Stafford

Tyler Griffith

Troy Boone

Wesley Carr