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Appalachian Studies Minor

Department of Appalachian Studies

APST 2060 Introduction to Appalachian Studies (3 Credits)
An introduction to the study of the Appalachian region, focusing on the idea of Appalachia in American and world consciousness and its treatment in the social sciences, media, literature, and the arts. Required for Appalachian Studies minor.

APST 3510 Coal Mining in Appalachia: History and Current Issues (3 Credits)
Explores the history of coal mining in Appalachia from cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental perspectives. 

APST/HIST 3520 War and Appalachia: History and Current Issues (3 Credits)
This course will survey the history of war in Appalachia from the earliest days of European settlement on the Appalachian frontier through the present day, including exploration of the impacts of Appalachia-based battles of the major wars partly fought within Appalachia as well as investigation of the war-related experiences of soldiers from Appalachia in wars fought outside the region.

APST 3530 Religion in Appalachia (3 Credits)
This course will survey the diversity of religions in Appalachia both historically and currently.

APST 4018 Honors Thesis (3-6 Credits)
Only open to students accepted in ETSU Honors Program.  A capstone experience serving as the culmination of an honors curriculum.

APST/ARTH 4102 Art and Appalachia (3 Credits) Prerequisites: ARTH 2010  or ARTH 2020  or APST 2060  or permission of the instructor.
A survey of major styles and trends in the arts created in, for, and about the Appalachian region from the late 18th century to contemporary times.

APST/ENGL 4237 Scots-Irish in Appalachia (3-6 Credits)
This course will examine the contribution of the Scots-Irish and Scots to Appalachian Culture.

APST/ENGL 4337 Appalachia in Scotland and Ireland (3-6 Credits)
This course will survey the relationship among Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish cultures, with an emphasis on Scotland and Ireland. Summer study abroad course in Scotland and Ireland.

APST/ANTH 4567 Scottish and Irish Folklife (3 Credits)
A survey of Scottish ethnic and regional groups and their folk traditions. Topics covered include life history, material culture, subsistence patterns, folk narrative, and beliefs and customs.

APST 4900 Independent Studies (3 Credits)
The Independent Study option is designed for individual students who wish to pursue topics not covered elsewhere in the curriculum. Students work independently under the supervision of a faculty member who creates the course of study in consultation with the department chair.

APST 4907 Appalachian Foodways (3 Credits)
Traditional and developing food cultures of the Mountain South. Topics include: the historical roots of Appalachian cookery; food and class in Appalachia; Native American and African influences on mountain cuisine; immigrant cooking in the mountains; the rituals of the mountain table; the products of the land and larder; traditional food preservation techniques and beliefs; and the emergence and viability of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.

APST 4957 – Special Topics in Appalachian Studies (3 Credits)  
The Special Topics course is designed for special interest subjects that are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum. May be repeated when the topic changes.

APST/HIST 4997 Current Issues in Appalachian Studies (3 Credits)
Seminar surveying major issues and concerns in Appalachian Studies since the 1970’s. Required for Appalachian Studies Minor.

ANTH 3500 Appalachian Folk Medicine (3 Credits)
The study of folk medical beliefs and practices, focusing on Southern Appalachia from the late 1800s to 1940. Topics examined include folk material medica and therapeutics, magico-religious beliefs and practices, folk healers, folk concepts of illness and human physiology.

BIOL 4247 Appalachian Flora (3 Credits)Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): BIOL 1110/11, BIOL 1120/21, or BIOL1130/31, or equivalent; or permission of the instructor.
Field and laboratory identification and ecology of plants of southern Appalachian environs. Sixteen hours Lecture and labs/field per week.

BIOL 4257 Appalachian Fauna (3 Credits)Prerequisite(s): BIOL 1110/11, BIOL 1120/21, or BIOL1130/31, or equivalent; or permission of the instructor.  Field and laboratory identification and ecology of the animals of the Southern Appalachian environs. Sixteen hours Lecture and labs/field per week.

BLUE xxxx Individual Instruction and Band Classes (1-3 Credits)

BLUE 2150 American Roots Music (3 Credits)
A multicultural survey of America’s diverse ethnic and regional traditions of folk music, how they have been revived and popularized in the 20th century, and their contributions to contemporary popular culture around the world.

BLUE 3110 Introduction to Bluegrass Music (3 Credits)
An introductory study of the principal figures in bluegrass music, their lives, times, and music.

BLUE 3120 Country Music Then and Now (3 Credits)
A study of the history of country music including genres of country music; impact of country music traditions on other music; history of country music in America; country music outside the United States.

BLUE 3130 Bluegrass Music History I (3 Credits)
A study of the music and lives of Bluegrass artists through 1965.

BLUE 3140 Bluegrass Music History II (3 Credits)Prerequisite: BLUE 3130.
A study of the music and lives of Bluegrass artists from 1966-2000.

BLUE 4130 Survey of Contemporary Bluegrass (3 Credits)
An overview of the diverse musical forms that makeup contemporary bluegrass music, with an emphasis on the lasting contributions of significant artists and the tension between traditional and exploratory approaches.

BLUE 4147 Bluegrass and America’s Music (3 Credits)
The musical and commercial interaction between bluegrass and American Folk music, jazz, pop, gospel, blues, rock, and classical traditions.

BLUE 4150 Roots of Bluegrass and Country Music (3 Credits)
An exploration of the diverse musical genres preceding the emergence of bluegrass music, which serves as the building block for the structure of bluegrass music.

BLUE 4230 Songwriting (3 Credits)
Students will create original songs under the tutelage of a songwriter with professional credentials.

ENGL 3065 Southern Appalachian Literature (3 Credits)Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1010 and 1020. Survey of Southern Appalachian literature from the eighteenth century to the present.

ENGL 3650 American Folklore (3 Credits)
Folklore as a basic element in the understanding of American culture and literature.

ENGL 4137 Dialectology (3 Credits)
Study of regional and social language variations including dialect geography and sociolinguistics. Emphasis on linguistic features of Appalachian dialects.

ENGL 4217 Irish and Scottish Literature (3 Credits)
Study of major writers in Irish and Scottish literature with attention to folklore and culture.

ENVS 2010 The Natural Environment in Appalachia (3 Credits)
The course surveys the environmental history of Appalachia with a focus on the history of industrialization and the emergence of conservation movements in the region.

GEOG 4910 Topics in Geography (3 Credits)

HIST 4167 History of Southern Appalachia (3 Credits)
A study of the political, economic, social, and cultural developments in southern Appalachia from settlement to the 20 th century.

PSCI 4957 Appalachian Politics (3 Credits)

SOAA 3050 Appalachian Culture (3 Credits)Prerequisite(s): ANTH 1240, SOCI 1020 or APST 2060.
This course explores varied aspects of Appalachian culture to consider issues of regional identity and culture change. Topics may include, for example, coal-mining, folk and faith healing, kinship and community, media and legend, folk art, and social protest.

SOAA 4627 Ethnographic Field Work Techniques (3 Credits)Prerequisite(s): ANTH 1240 or SOCI 1020.
An introduction to the information-gathering techniques and strategies employed by modern anthropologists, folklorists, and qualitative sociologists- including interviewing, recording, photography, transcription, and data analysis. Practical applications and cultural situations are also stressed.

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