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Appalachian Studies Minor

Department of Appalachian Studies

ETSU 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog Information


Core Requirements (6 Credit Hours)



Credit Hours

No more than one course counting toward a student's major may also be counted for the minor  
APST 2060 Introduction to Appalachian Studies 3
APST/HIST 4997 Current Issues in Appalachian Studies 3
Guided Electives (12 Credit Hours selected from
     the following):
APST/HIST 3510 Appalachia & Coal Mining  3
APST/HIST 3520 War and Appalachia 3
APST 3530 Religion in Appalachia 3
APST 4018 Honors Thesis  3
APST/ARTH 4102 Art and Appalachia (Prerequisites: ARTH 2010 or 2020 or APST 2060 or permission of instructor) 3
APST/ENGL 4237 Scots-Irish in Appalachia1 3-6
APST/ENGL 4337 Appalachia in Scotland1 3-6
APST/ANTH 4567 Scottish Ethnology 3
APST 4900 Independent Studies 3
APST 4907 Appalachian Foodways 3
APST 4957 Special Topics in Appalachian Studies  3
ANTH 3500 Appalachian Folk Medicine 3
BIOL 4247 Appalachian Flora
(Prerequisites:  Biology for Majors III, Genetics: or equivalencies; or permission of instructor)
BIOL 4257 Appalachian Fauna
(Prerequisites:  Eight hours of listed BIOL courses or the equivalent: or permission of instructor)
BLUE xxxx Individual Instruction and Band Classes2 1-3
BLUE/ANTH 2150 American Folk Music3 3
BLUE 3110 Introduction to Bluegrass Music3 3
BLUE 3120 Country Music Then and Now3 3
BLUE 3130 Bluegrass Music History I3 3
BLUE 3140 Bluegrass Music History II3 (Prerequisite: BLUE 3130) 3
BLUE 4130 Survey of Contemporary Bluegrass3 3
BLUE 4147 Bluegrass and America’s Music3 3
BLUE 4150 Roots of Bluegrass and Country Music3 3
BLUE 4230 Songwriting3 3
ENGL 3065 Southern Appalachian Literature (Prerequisite:  ENGL 1010 and 1020) 3
ENGL 3650 American Folklore 3
ENGL 4137 Dialectology 3
ENGL 4217 Irish and Scottish Literature 3
ENVS 2010 The Natural Environment in Appalachia 3
GEOG 4957 Topics in Geography4 3
HIST 4167 History of Southern Appalachia 3
PSCI 4450 Appalachian Politics 3
SOAA 3050 Appalachian Culture (Prerequisites: ANTH 1240, SOCI 1020 or APST 2060) 3
SOAA 4627 Ethnographic Field Work Techniques (Prerequisites:  ANTH 1240 or SOCI 1020) 3


At least 9 hours for the Appalachian Studies minor must be at the 3000-level or above.

  1. Between these two courses, no more than six hours can count toward a minor.
  2. No more than three credit hours of Bluegrass performance course can count toward the minor.
  3. No more than six credit hours of BLUE can count toward the minor.  Other seminars, independent studies, topics courses, and problems courses, including 4956 summer offerings, can be counted toward the minor when the topic is Appalachia (must have approval of APST Minor Director).
  4. This course can count toward the minor only when the topic is Geography of Southern Appalachia.

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