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Mary B. Martin School of the Arts

College of Arts & Sciences


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ARTSConnect is a business and arts partnership program offered by the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts. We believe the arts can help businesses build market share, enhance brands, and reach new customers. The purpose of our proposed partnership is to increase the amount of traffic we both experience by working together to augment both your customers and our patrons.

By partnering with us, you can enjoy additional marketing opportunities including increased social media and web traffic from our social media reach of over 2,000; increased business that comes from public recognition at our events; recognition from our website that greatly increases your continued exposure among several other opportunities.

ARTSConnect can partner with any business, but we currently offer two separate divisions that focus specifically on hotels and restaurants, Yes! Vacancy and Edible Exposure. Click the tabs above listed Yes! Vacancy or Edible Exposure to learn more about our restaurant and hotel connections!

We’re open to other ideas and are not limited to just those described here. If you think that we can support you and your business’s needs in a better way, then you can tell us! We would be more than happy to work in tandem with you to develop ideas that work for both of us.

Want to become part of ARTSConnect? Contact us:

Anita M. DeAngelis, Director
Mary B. Martin School of the Arts


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Edible Exposure

Edible Exposure is a branch off of ARTSConnect that focuses on local restaurants. Johnson City is becoming a hotspot of culture and creativity in East Tennessee, and with creativity comes food. Restaurants that partner with the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts are able to gain access to our patron base through various marketing methods.

Area restaurants participating in Edible Exposure will be listed below.

How We Partner

Through partnerships, Edible Exposure can offer several different opportunities of benefit to restaurants, and two ideas follow:

  • Standard Ticket Deals. We can offer promotions that allow you to receive more traffic around the time of our arts event. For example: Patrons who bring one of our tickets or programs from our event to your restaurant can receive X% off their bill, a free appetizer, etc. Simultaneously, you would promote one or more of our events at your restaurant.
  • Package Deals. You can purchase tickets from us and use them to promote your business in a package deal! “Manager’s Special: Buy X meal and receive two tickets to X event!”

As this program develops, so can the ways of partnering! Edible Exposure can be open to several different partnering methods, meaning that if you have an idea, please let us know!

Restaurants: For more information about Edible Exposure and supporting the Mary B. Martin School of the Arts, please contact us. Learn more about supporting the arts and the benefits you’ll receive.


Contact Us

Anita M. DeAngelis, Director
Mary B. Martin School of the Arts

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Yes! Vacancy

Yes! Vacancy is a branch off of ARTSConnect, but it focuses on hotels in the area. As the region becomes more populate and flush with the arts, tourism increases. This branch of Art Connect focuses on developing partnerships with hotels by offering discounted ticket prices so hotels can offer a package deal affiliated with one or more of our events.

If your hotel would like to partner with us for a specific event, Yes! Vacancy would be happy to be a part of that experience!

Area hotels participating in Yes! Vacancy will be listed below.

Contact Us

Anita M. DeAngelis, Director
Mary B. Martin School of the Arts

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