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Mathematics & Statistics

There are two options for housing. You need to prepay by June 30 unless you have been promised housing support through the NSF grant.

  1. Centennial Hall, an air-conditioned dorm on campus. The cost is $250 for six nights, including towel service and 5 breakfasts. The cost will be less for a shorter stay, but not linearly and (after the conference) we will provide your credit card with a refund for the unused days. Also, i f we are able to negotiate a slightly better price, we will send you a credit card refund or, if your room has been paid through the grant, we will be able to provide more support in other categories. The dorm room is similar to the one at Cal Poly (it is a 2-bedroom suite with a small common living area/bathroom)

  2. The rather impressive Carnegie Hotel is at This is right across the street from the university, and you will receive a special rate of ~$92 per night (regular price is around $200). To get this rate, you will pay us, and we will pay the bill after receiving an invoice from the Carnegie. NOTE: The Carnegie Hotel *will* still need to see your credit card for incidental expenses, e.g. spa, breakfast, bar charges, room service.

To ensure your housing you need to do pay the amount calculated from the payment form (see registration page) by June 30. You need not pay if you have been promised housing support through the NSF grant!

INTERNET: There is free wi-fi at the Carnegie and, on campus (including the dorm) you will have access to the ETSU wireless internet network.
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