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String Orchestra Groups

string orchestra

The ETSU String department in collaboration with ETSU Pre-College is offering an exciting opportunity to participate in a string orchestra program in the Johnson City area. We will be offering two audition-based string orchestra programs. The ETSU String Chamber Orchestra and the Sinfonia Orchestra.

Students ages 8-19 are encouraged to audition. Weekly rehearsals will be conducted by Dr. David Kovac, assistant professor of violin and viola at ETSU. Both orchestras will perform without a conductor in a true chamber setting. Selected students will have an opportunity to perform as soloists with the orchestra. (based on auditions results) Both orchestras will have several performances in the Tri-cities region. Rehearsals will be held on the ETSU campus each Saturday following the ETSU spring academic schedule. Click below for more information.


ETSU String Chamber Orchestra -

  • Saturdays 10:30-12:30, August 25, 2018. Cost: $250 per semester.

ETSU String Chamber Orchestra: is open to advanced students on violin, viola, cello and double bass. Students should be performing advanced repertoire (Suzuki volume 8 and/or equivalent advanced repertoire). Video link (YouTube or other) should be submitted by the deadline, August 20, 2018:

  • 3 minutes of your solo best representing your abilities. Students who participated in the orchestra program last year do not have to audition only register online.
  • Soloist with Orchestra excerpts depending on assigned repertoire. This is optional, if you want audition for the solo parts, you must submit all solo excerpts. Video editing is not permitted. Click on Audition Excerpts below.

Students ages 16 and older have the option to take this as a dual credit option at ETSU (MUSC 1206 - Chamber Orchestra) and receive a college credit, please notify our office if you wish to take this a dual credit class.

ETSU Sinfonia Orchestra

  • Saturdays 9:00-10:00, August 25, 2018. Cost $150 per semester.

ETSU Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra: is open to intermediate to advanced students on violin, viola, cello and double bass. Students should be playing repertoire (Suzuki volume 4 higher or equivalent intermediate/advanced repertoire). Video link (YouTube or other) should be submitted by the deadline, August 20, 2018:

  • 3 minutes of your solo
Apply today

New Students not currently in Pre-College will need to complete the following steps toward admission to the orchestra: (All Pre-College students will need to complete steps 3-6, beginning with audition excerpts and register on your course registration form)

  • Fill out the Pre-College String Application Form (If dual enrolling complete Dual enrollment here and the Dual Enrollment Scholarship)
  • Pay the $20 Application Fee. (Required only for new students applying only for the string Orchestra program. New students enrolling in the Pre-College click here)
  • Download the Audition Excerpts for your instrument and prepare along with solo.
  • Have Teacher fill out the teacher recommendation form.
  • Prepare and Record Audition, upload it to You Tube or other video sharing site by August 20, 2018. Submit link to at

Finally, audition results and group placement will be emailed by August 23th. Payment is due by first day of class on August 25, 2018. Bill will be sent via email.

Pre-College String Application Form

Please register through one of the following links below. We will need a separate form filled out for each student.

If you are a not an ETSU staff member or student please register here: String Orchestra Non-ETSU

If you are a current ETSU staff member or student please register here: String Orchestra ETSU

You will be required to sign in to the form system and create your own user log in and password to access the online form. More than one form can be filled out if you have more than one student. Please use the best email for communication with the ETSU Pre-College program. All correspondence will be completed via email.

After filling out the online admission form and sending in the $20.00 application fee to: ETSU Music Department Pre-College, 100 Mathes Hall | PO Box 70661, Johnson City, TN 37614

Payment can also be submitted with credit or debit card online Here Click on the String Orchestra Application Fee.

Teacher Recommendation Form

 Teacher Recommendation can be completed one of two ways:

1. Download this .pdf version and fill and email to

2. Have your teacher fill out the form online. Your teacher can come to this page or you can copy and paste the correct link and email to your teacher:

Recorded Auditions

How to upload a video on YouTube:

Please set your video privacy settings to “Unlisted” or Public so it can be viewed by those who have the direct link.  We will not be able to view videos set to “Private”

Recorded auditions will be due by August 20, 2018. All auditions are to be recorded and uploaded to a video-sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Please set your video privacy settings to “Unlisted” so it can be viewed by those who have the direct link. Please avoid using the “Private” setting. We will not be able to view videos set to “Private” setting.

If you prefer the video can be taken down after September 21st, 2018 or simply make it private so it is not a public viewable video.

As soon as the video audition is uploaded please send the link to Dr. Kovac at If you have any other questions about the video uploading please contact Dr. Kovac as soon as possible.


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