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Suzuki Institute

Department of Music


Young Flute student

Instruction is available for Suzuki students of all ages and levels who study during the year with a trained Suzuki teacher. Students will receive individual instruction in a shared master class format. Group instruction, focusing on the development of tone production and technical fluency, occurs in small classes. Repertoire is polished for the Celebration Concert in a large group class. Students may also choose from an array of enrichment classes and special workshops.

Students will be involved with Suzuki core classes and activities for a minimum of three hours during each day and may choose to participate in enrichment classes as well as activities in the evenings.

Families may check in and register between 3:00 and 5:00 on Sunday, June 24.

The Student Program begins with the Opening Ceremony at 6:00 PM on Sunday, ends at 8:00 P.M. on Friday evening, following the Celebration Concert.

All campus lodging plans include a Friday night (June 29) stay.

Performance opportunities are available for all students through Play-ins, the Honors Solo Recital, Informal solo recitals, and the Suzuki Celebration Concert.

Students will be nominated for the Honors Recital by their Masterclass teacher.


Students can choose from a wide selection of optional enrichment classes as they appear on the Student Registration form. Options are listed below

Rhythm and Movement

Move It! Rhythm and Movement Class- Awakens imagination and a sense of play! Increases understanding of musical and rhythmic concepts through physicality and intellect. Encourages coooperative activities that explore empathy, leadership skills, group dynamics, and increases interpersonal sensitivity. Suitable for all ages and levels. 

Music Mind Games- Creative games and activities and colorful, fun materials are used to teach note reading, rhythm, tempo markings, dynamics, ear training, and more.  Music literacy with a fun flair!  Appropriate for all ages.

Flute Choir - As a member of the Suzuki Institute Flute Choir, you will discover the many members of the flute family from piccolo all the way down to the bass flute. Enjoy the beautiful sound of a large flute choir while developing your skills in sight-reading and ensemble playing.

Advanced Chamber Ensemble - Coached by Flute Force-member Wendy Stern, this class will challenge and build your skills as a chamber musician as you learn to listen for balance, adjust intonation, set tempos, cue entrances, match tone quality, and be part of a tight, intimate musical ensemble.

Orchestral Excerpts Class - Study the basic orchestral excerpts that are required for auditions at every level. You will learn about the orchestral repertoire and how the flute part fits with the whole. You will learn about the orchestral repertoire and how the flute part fits with the whole. You will also learn strategies for practicing the excerpts and for preparing for an audition.

Tone Development through Interpretation- Toshio Takahashi will once again offer his popular class based on Marcel Moyse's book by the same title. Suitable for advanced students. 

young flute students

A parent or caregiver must be available to attend all classes with Suzuki students. Students and siblings, under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and under the supervision of their parent, legal guardian or adult chaperone at all times. The registration form must indicate who will serve in this capacity for each child.



Book 1 Book 2
Code Piece Code Piece

Anything previous to
Mary Had A Little Lamb

201 Minuet (Gluck)
101 Mary Had A Little Lamb 202 Minuet in G Minor (Bach)
102 Fireflies 203 March
103 Kagome, Kagome 204 Minuet in B Minor (Bach)
104 Cuckoo 205 Last Rose of Summer
105 Lightly Row 206 Theme
106 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 207 Melancholic Fantasy
107 Go Tell Aunt Rhody 208 Carnival of Venice (Allegretto)
108 Amaryllis 209 Minuet (Telemann)
109 Allegro 210 Gavotte
110 Honeybee 211 Polonaise
111 Long, Long Ago 212 On Wings of Song
112 Lullaby    
113 Moon Over the Ruined Castle    
114 Minuet (1)    
115 Minuet (2)    
116 Minuet (3)    
117 Bourree     


Book 3 Book 4
Code Piece Code Piece


401 Menuetto (Bach)
302 Orphee et Eurydice 402 Siciliano
303 Serenade (Drigo) 403 Minute (Handel)
304 Scherzino 404 Allegro (Handel)
305 Serenade (Woodall) 405 Andante
306 Serenade a Pierrette 406 Allemande
307 Minute from L'Arlesienne 407 Gavotte
    408 Sarabande
    409 Finale


Book 5 Book 6
Code Piece Code Piece

Rondeau (Bach)

601 Allegro (Cimarosa)
502 Sarabande 602 Polonaise
503 Bouree I & II 603 Bandinerie
504 Largo (Cimarosa) 604 Overture
505 Rondo (Cimarosa)    
506 Allegretto    
507 Swiss Air    


Book 7 Book 8
Code Piece Code Piece

Carnival of Venice

801 Concerto in G (Quantz)
702 By the Book 802 Fantasie (Faure)
703 Hungarian Pastoral Fantasie    


Book 9 Book 10
Code Piece Code Piece

Concerto in D (Mozart) I. Allegro aperto

1001 Grand Solo No. 3 (Tulou)
902 Concerto in D (Mozart) II. Andante ma non troppo 1002 Concertino (Chaminade)
903 Concerto in D (Mozart) III. Allegro    


Book 11 Book 12
Code Piece Code Piece

Concerto in G (Mozart) I. Allegro maestoso

1201 Tremolo Air Varie
1102 Concerto in G (Mozart) II. Adagio non troppo 1202 Fantasie Melancholique
1103 Concerto in G (Mozart) III. Rondo 1203 Fantaisie (Hue)


Book 13 Book 14
Code Piece Code Piece

Concerto (Otaka)

1401 Concerto (Ibert)
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