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Philosophy & Humanities

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major in thinking

  • Philosophy is a Great Major
    They told you that philosophy majors don't get jobs.  They told you that you should practice asking "do you want fries with that?"  They told you philosophy wasn't about real-world skills.
    They were wrong.
  • In a New Generation of College Students, Many Opt for the Life Examined
    "'I thought: Why weren't all my other classes like that one?' [said a student who changed his major from math to philosophy], explaining that philosophy had taught him a way of studying that could be applied to any subject and enriched his life in unexpected ways. 'You can talk about almost anything as long as you do it well.'"  

    Read about what more and more students have to say about majoring in philosophy by clicking here.

  • I Think, Therefore I Earn
    "Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show philosophy graduates, once derided as unemployable layabouts, are in growing demand from employers. The number of all graduates in full-time and part-time work six months after graduation has risen by 9% between 2002-03 and 2005-06; for philosophy graduates it has gone up by 13%."

    Read more about "the rise in stock of philosophy graduates" in  this article.

  • More Things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio
    "Employers seeking the best graduates now look at a wider range of degrees . . . because they recognize that courses such as philosophy teach the kinds of skills that are essential for senior professional roles, skills that may not be developed at business school."

    Read more about what employers are saying about the benefits of a philosophy degree by clicking here.

  • Be Employable, Study Philosophy
    "I tell people the most useful classes I took were all in philosophy," writes Shannon Rupp.  "Yes, the course of study that has long been denigrated as frivolous and useless in the job market has been the part of my education that I lean on again and again. For work and everything else."

    Read more about how the benefits of the discipline can prepare students for any line of work,  here.

  • Surprise:  Humanities Degrees Provide Great Return on Investment
    Jeffrey Dorfman writes that "the much maligned humanities majors are still getting an A in economics because the returns on their investments are quite high."  

    Read about how philosophy dominates the field of humanities majors in terms of lifetime earnings gain, here.

  • Philosophy Bites, podcasts by philosophers on bite-size topics
  • The Philosopher's Zone, podcasts interviewing philosophers
  • Philosophy TV, a video website devoted to philosophical thinking
  • This is What a Philosopher Looks Like, on tumblr
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