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Children's Behavioral Health in Rural Primary Care

Department of Psychology


Lab GroupThe Research Group on Children's Behavioral Health in Rural Primary Care is interested in the mental and behavioral health of children in rural communities. More specifically, this group focuses on: the portability of evidence-based treatment in behavioral pediatrics and children's mental health to "real world" or community based settings such as primary care or schools. Providing behavioral health services in a physician's office, in school settings, or through use of telehealth technology are all cutting-edge practices, thus, there is little research focusing on these mechanisms at this time. We are interested in how these services can be provided to prevent mental health problems and generally promote wellness for children living in rural areas.


The primary mission of the "Research Group on Children's Behavioral Health in Rural Primary Care" is two-fold:

  • First, we want to answer practical questions regarding the delivery of evidence-based services in rural areas, particularly via innovative service delivery mechanisms such as primary care psychology, school based mental health, and telehealth technologies.
  • Second, we want to provide training to students at the graduate and undergraduate levels in all aspects of research.
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