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Sociology & Anthropology

College of Arts & Sciences

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Martha  Copp Ph.D.

423-439-7056 /
Rogers-Stout 223H


Social Problems

Qualitative Field Research

Gender & Society

Symbolic Interaction/Social Psychology

Race, Class, & Gender in Film

Work & Occupations

Urban Ethnography

Teaching Sociology


My current research involves sociological analysis of popular resistance to non-sexist language, with Sherryl Kleinman (UNC Chapel Hill) and Kalah Wilson (North Carolina State University); the framing of manhood in collegiate basketball in Sports Illustrated, with Kalah Wilson; and anti-urban depictions of people and public spaces in a popular single-player video game, with Christopher Becker (Castleton Polling Institute). As these brief project descriptions and past publications indicate, I enjoy collaborative research and writing projects. I'm interested in how scholars in a variety of academic fields engage in collaborative research—the norms, benefits, costs, and unexpected turns.


Emotions in Fieldwork

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