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Sociology & Anthropology

College of Arts & Sciences

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Martha  Copp Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Studies Coordinator
423-439-7056 /
Rogers-Stout 223H


Social Problems 
Qualitative Field Research 
Gender & Society
Symbolic Interaction/Social Psychology
Race, Class, & Gender in Film
Work & Occupations
Urban Ethnography
Teaching Sociology


I’m currently writing about popular rhetorics of resistance to non-sexist language, with Sherryl Kleinman (UNC Chapel Hill) and Kalah Wilson (North Carolina State University). My areas of research interest are the reproduction of social inequalities, social identities, qualitative methods, the sociology of work, and the sociology of emotions. I’m also interested in how scholars in a variety of academic fields engage in collaborative research—the norms, benefits, costs, and unexpected turns. I enjoy encouraging students (and myself) to practice sociological mindfulness in and out of the classroom. I serve as the graduate studies coordinator for our MA program in sociology and have chaired approximately 30 MA thesis committees.


Emotions in Fieldwork

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