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Sociology & Anthropology

College of Arts & Sciences

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Melissa  Schrift Ph.D.

423-439-4997 /
Rogers-Stout Hall 223D
Director, Culture and Health Program
Pre-Health Academic Community Outreach Coordinator



Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 1240)
Medical Anthropology (ANTH 3070)
Popular and Consumer Culture (SOAA 4357)
Ethnographic Field Techniques (SOAA 4627)
Practicing Anthropology (ANTH 4070)
Cultural Applications to Rural Health (PSYC 7500)


biography of a chairman mao badge becoming melungeon


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Schrift, Melissa.  2016.  "Life After Death: Introduction to the Criminal Body in the West."  Mortality 21(3): 191-197.

Schrift, Melissa.  2016.  "Osama's Body: Death of a Political Criminal and (Re)birth of a Nation."  Mortality 21(3): 279-294.

Schrift, Melissa, Anthony Cavender, and Sarah Hoover.  2013.  "Mental Illness, Institutionalization and Oral History in Appalachia: Voices of Psychiatric Attendants."  Journal of Appalachian Studies 19(1/2): 82-107.

Schrift, Melissa. 2008. The Wildest Show in the South: Angola Prison Rodeo and Arts and Crafts Festival. Southern Cultures 14(1):22-41.

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Schrift, Melissa. 2003. Appalachian Melungeons and the Politics of Heritage. IN Southern Heritage on Display: Public Ritual and Ethnic Diversity. Celeste Ray, ed. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press.

Schrift, Melissa and Keith Pilkey. 1996. Revolution Remembered: Chairman Mao Icons and Chinese Nationalist Ideology. Journal of Popular Culture 30(2):169-198.

Beaver, Patricia and Melissa Schrift. 1994. Women Mentoring Women: Fieldwork in the People's Republic of China. Anthropology and Humanism 18(2):48-55.

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