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Sociology & Anthropology

College of Arts & Sciences

Theses and applied projects


Burkhalter, Jesse. (May 2018). (applied projects TBA)

Moser, Timothy. (Dec. 2017). “The Pulpit and the People: Mobilizing Evangelical Identity” (thesis)

Moses, Emeka. (May 2018). “Eggplants and Peaches: Understanding Emoji Usage on Grindr” (thesis)

Neal, True V. (May 2018). “The Talk: Christian Right and Liberal Left Rhetoric about Sex Education” (thesis)

Philips, Vickie. (May 2018). “Student Retention Strategies: Successful Practices and Forecasting Needs of Future Target Populations” (applied project)

Robe, Isaac. (May 2018). “Inescapably Social: Dimensions of Self Construction in the Virtual Social World of Runescape” (thesis)

Russell, Melody (May 2018). “The South Carolina Initiative: Gathering Baseline Reproductive Health Data from Clinic Administrators” (applied project)



Arnold, Jessie. (May 2017). “Evaluating Employee and Parent Experiences at Camp Toccoa for Camp Fire USA Georgia Council” (applied project)

Arnold, Parker. (Aug. 2017). “Identities and Persistence of Family Farm Operators” (thesis)

Botelho, Caitlin. (Dec. 2016). “Social Identities and Meanings in Correctional Work” (thesis)

Byrd, Kelli. (May 2017). “United Way of Greater Kingsport Community Needs Assessment” (applied project)

Morun, Michael. (May 2017). “Engaging in Social Research through DIDARP/City of Kingsport” (applied projects)

Rogers, Dalton. (Aug. 2017). “Possible Determinants of Treatment for Nonmedical Users of Pain Relievers and Stimulants” (thesis)

Shi, Ting. (May 2017). “Acculturation and Ethnic-Identification of American Chinese Restaurants” (thesis)

Smyth, MaKayla. (May 2017). “Exploring Adverse Childhood Experiences among Mothers and Daughters in South Central Appalachia” (applied project)



Bare, Nikki. (May 2016). “Senior Connect Website Project.” (applied project)

Cano, Ashley. (May 2016). “Women and Healthcare in Appalachia: Impeding Circumstances and the Role of Technology” (thesis)

Mauck, Erin. (May 2016). “Oregon's Death with Dignity Act: Socially Constructing a Good Death” (thesis)

McLaughlin, Adria. (Dec. 2015). “Navigating Gender Inequality in Musical Subgenres” (thesis)

Walker, Shonetra. (May 2016). “Champions for Healthy Kids Grant: An Evaluation of Wellness Programs at St. Mary’s School” (applied project)

Walsh, Lillian. (May 2016). (applied project)

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