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Sociology & Anthropology

College of Arts & Sciences

Theses and applied projects


Eric Anderson (May 2012) "Talking' During Early Romantic Courtship: An Empirical Examination of Potential Sex Differences in Self-Reported Beliefs and Behaviors"

Joseph Jakubek (Aug. 2012) "Religious and Socio-Demographic Determinants of Marital Satisfaction"

Benjamin Martin (May 2012) "Information, Organization, and Target Perceptions of Student Services for Community College Students"

Shaun Michel (May 2012) "Organizational Strategies of Influence on American Environmental Policy, 1976-2006: A Network Exploration of Power Elitism versus Pluralism"

Kalah Wilson (May 2012) "Content Analysis of Sports Illustrated Articles Depicting Women's and Men's College Basketball"


Browning, Ashley. (May 2011). "Community Perceptions of Prescription Drug Abuse in Eastern Kentucky"

LaBowe, Chris. (May 2011). "Texting versus Talking as Human Social Interaction: A Sociological Inquiry"

King, Jessica Jane. (May 2011). "Ecologically Friendly Food Buying and Recycling: Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors in a Tennessee Survey"

Makely, Jeremy. (May 2011). "The Nature and Potential Sociological Consequences of the New Social Media: A Neo-Simmelian Analysis of Facebook"

Teaster, Caitlin T.S. (Dec. 2010). "The Acculturation of Sudanese Refugees in Maryville, Tennessee: Has Self-Sufficiency Been Achieved?"


Greene, James. (May 2010). "Peter L. Berger's Early Conception of Agency: Exposition and Evaluation"

Lowery, Diana. (May 2010) "Johnson City Medical Center: Regional Cancer Center and Chest Pain Center"

Rolle-Evans, Lisa. (May 2010) "An Examination of Domestic Violence in a Local Shelter"

White, Casey R. (May 2010). "Cancer Projections for Mountain States Health Alliance"


Barlow, Angela M. (Dec. 2008). "Adult Texting In Context: Exploring Norms for Mature Users of Text-Messaging Technologies"

Church-Hearl, Kelly E. (Dec. 2008). "A Sociological Study of Atheism and Naturalism as Minority Identities in Appalachia"

Cochran, Kimberly. (May 2009). "Longitudinal Studies in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Services"

Gladson, Vivian (Aug. 2008). "The efficacy of a Free Diabetes Clinic in Church Hill, Tennessee"

Marson, Angela. (Aug. 2008). The Fish Springs/Little Milligan Water Project: A Study for Acquiring a Safe and Reliable Water Source"

Osborne-Scanlan, Alison. (Dec. 2008). "United Way of Bristol Tennessee-Virginia Community Needs Assessment 2008"

Smith, Matthew B. (May 2009). "Durkheim's Refutation of Spencerian Methodological Individualism: A Critical Evaluation"

Yount, Porscha Rae. (May 2009). "Denying Queer Realities: Scripting the Normative Homo"


Bragg, Kimberly. (Dec. 2007). "Tennessee's Community Corrections Program: Examining and Effort to Lower Rates of Recidivism"

Felts, Sarah. Felts, Sarah. (May 2008) "Needs Assessment for the Rural Areas Development Association (RADA) of Southwest Virginia"

Ferris, Erin. (Dec. 2007) "Evaluation of Small Miracles Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center, Inc"

Nelson, Laura. (Dec. 2007). "Life and Debt for ETSU Graduate Students"

Sorensen, Amy. (Dec. 2007). "I Think I Can: Identity and Social Experiences of Adolescents with Physical Disabilities"

Tweed, Julie Michelle. (May 2008). "An Examination of Changing Perceptions of Singlehood"


Hassel, Heidi. (May 2007). "Outside the Classroom: Generating Awareness of Extra-Curricular Activities Available to Girls"

Jarrett, William Thomas. (May 2007). "The Burley Tobacco Buyout Program and Its Impact on Farmers in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina"

Smith, Jeff. (May 2007). "Lived Religion: An Examination of 'Pass the Salt' Luncheons"

Sparks-Wallace, Olivia Joy. (Aug. 2007). "A Study of Gender Differences in Academic Performance In a Rural County in Tennessee"Steele-Brooksbank, Jeanna. (Dec. 2006). "GEAR UP College Center Review"

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