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Career Services

College of Business and Technology

Internship/Co-op Program Overview

For a complete overview of our program, please watch "CBAT Internship/Co-op Orientation" (allow 25 minutes for viewing.) 

Students majoring in business work for a minimum of 130 contact hours for 3 hours of academic credit. Credit hours (and contact hour requirements) may vary from 1-3 credits for students majoring in computer science, engineering technology, surveying, digital media, or interior architecture.  Students may work more hours during paid internships/co-ops if negotiated with the employer.

The employer appoints a "site supervisor" to create a position description, develop projects, and oversee the student's work while interning with the employer. Typically, students meet with site supervisors on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The employer provides a safe work environment for student interns/co-ops.

The site supervisor and the intern complete the "Objectives-Learning Agreement Form" at the beginning of the internship/co-op.

The site supervisor is responsible for monitoring the student's progress on the job and providing regular feedback to the student.

The site supervisor completes a "Student Evaluation Form" at the conclusion of the internship/co-op, evaluating the student's performance while working for the employer.

FAQ for Business Students

FAQ for DIGM Students

FAQ for Computing Students



Sample Projects

  • Coordinate event management for not-for-profit fund-raiser

  • Update employee handbook, creating policies and procedures manual

  • Prepare individual tax returns

  • Perform internal and external audits utilizing SAP software

  • Prepare template methodology for socially responsible investment research

  • Create metrics for cashiers and put into data sets for analysis

  • Conduct boundary and construction surveying using robotic total station and GPS system

  • Create manual for electrical engineering training process

  • Manage design project including super conducting RF Module layout

  • Assist IT audit department with audit planning, fieldwork, documentation, and reporting

Getting Started

Online STUDENT APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING for Melinda LaPrade:  Click Here 


  1. BEFORE scheduling an appointment with Melinda at link above, complete Student Release form and visit Communications Lab, 124 Sam Wilson, for initial resume review.  Bring your revised resume with you to the appointment for additional fine-tuning.

    Communications Lab Schedule: 
                Fall 2019                         Spring 2020
    9:00am - 3:00pm                    
    3:00pm - 7:00pm
    10:00am - 4:00pm                   
    8:00am - 12:00pm (noon)                   

  2. CBAT Internship Co-op Program: Activate Your Account on CBAT Connect

    • Click on link:
    • Enter your ETSU user name. Then click on "Next."
    • Enter your ETSU password. Click on "Sign in."
    • Create your profile -- see "my profile" at top on left navigation under "my briefcase.:
    • Upload your resume for review. You may want to visit the Communications Lab for a first look before uploading.
    • Note: You will be in pending status on the new system until your resume is reviewed and until you meet the benchmarks for program participation.
  3. Benchmarks for approval status include: 

    For Undergraduate Students:  2.75 cum GPA with at least 3.0 GPA in major/subject area; completions of at least 2-3000 level or higher courses in your major (or designated departmental equivalent); current enrollment in a degree seeking program in the College; and, for business majors, being a declared major in business.

    For Graduate Students:  3.3 cum GPA; completion of at least 3 graduate courses in your program of study; current enrollment in a degree seeking program in the College.

  4. Melinda will review your resume in an appointment setting after the initial review by Communications Lab staff.    

  5. NOTE:  It is the student's responsibility to discuss with the appropriate academic advisor how and when the co-op/internship will fit into the student's program of study.

  6. Once approved in the system, you will have access to the internship and co-op opportunities.

  7.  Follow application instructions; apply to company leads via email or as outlined by the employer. Use the SAMPLE Intern Application Letter via Email to guide you in writing your application email letter to employers.

  8. Apply to personal leads as well.

  9. Wait to hear the outcome of the application process; follow up with employers as necessary.

  10. Upon hire, the intern/co-op MUST CONTACT Melinda LaPrade to inform her of the offer.  NEVER , UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ACCEPT MULTIPLE OFFERS AT THE SAME TIME!!! Check out some companies that have hosted interns in the past at right.

You're Hired!

  1. Once you have accepted an internship/co-op, complete the electronic Objectives/Learning Agreement Form on the CBAT Internship/Co-op System for review/e-signature by the student, site supervisor, and appropriate Department Chair or Faculty Supervisor for final approval.  You will see Learning Agreements on the left navigation.

  2. Register on GoldLink; departmental permit required.  All deliverables/course requirements can be found on the D2L site for the course of registration.

  3. View "Beginning Your Internship/Co-op" seminar (10% of grade) which covers various topics addressing professionalism in the workplace on D2L site and take assessment.

  4. Review all materials and submit signed Materials Receipt/Information Acknowledgment form to drop box on course of registration.
  5. Write a mid-term memo (10% of grade) to Department Chairs, providing feedback regarding the internship/co-op.  Submit to drop box on D2L course of registration. 

  6. Write a paper (5-7 pages for undergraduate students and 7-10 pages for graduate students--40% of grade) analyzing the internship/co-op experience: how he/she met internship/co-op objectives, how coursework impacted the student's experience, and how the internship/co-op has impacted career goals.  Submit to drop box for D2L course of registration. 

  7. Attend the "Exit Interview" (10% of grade) to discuss the entire internship/co-op experience with CBAT Career Services staff.  Submit completed Exit Interview form to drop box on D2L course of registration BEFORE SCHEDULING exit interview with College Director of Career Services.

  8. Submit Employer Evaluation form (30% of grade) to drop box on course of registration.

The CBAT Internship/Co-op Program follows East Tennessee State University "Introduction and Statement of Policy (PPP-04)" regarding Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Discrimination; please reference: PPO-04 LINK


Why Intern/Co-op?

  • Gain experience in the public and private sectors
  • Build credentials for your resume
  • Earn money while you learn on the job
  • Establish leads for permanent employment
  • Evaluate career options
  • Apply your classroom knowledge in the real world of work, earning up to 3 credit hours

Past Interns/Co-ops say: 

"Completing an internship was absolutely the best decision I ever made in college."
"I attended meetings with key players in the organization and got a great sense of the big picture."
"I gained a greater understanding of managing people."
"I learned how public and private stakeholders interact."
"I felt empowered to manage my time and to accomplish goals."
"I learned how to be a leader in a retail environment."
"I gained an understanding of sales strategies and techniques; I expanded my skills beyond previous sales jobs."

Interns and Co-ops at work:

Denso, Eastman Chemical Company,  North Carolina DOT






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