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Career Services

College of Business and Technology

Job Shadowing

What is job shadowing?

Job shadowing experiences allow you to spend a short, concentrated period of time with an employer to learn more about a particular career. Through observation, a job shadowing experience may provide you with insight into:

  • A typical day in the life a particular employee;
  • Hours of work;
  • Work flows;
  • Project management;
  • Employee interactions;
  • Corporate culture;
  • Management styles;
  • Team-based decision-making;
  • Other aspects of a particular work environment.

When approaching an employer about the possibility of job shadowing, create a formal proposal addressing the following:

  • Your objective(s) for the job shadowing experience;
  • Your time frame for the shadowing experience--1 week, two weeks, or longer;
  • Proposed hours to be onsite;
  • What you hope to observe, learn;
  • Your contact information; attach a resume to your proposal, if possible;
  • An acknowledgement that the employer is not obligated to hire you--either as an intern or as a full-time employee.

Don't forget to thank the employer for his/her time in evaluating your proposal.


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