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Career Services

College of Business and Technology

Career Timeline

College of Business & Technology Career Planning Timeline

Freshman/Sophomore Years:


  • Conduct informational interviews.
  • Shadow professionals in their jobs.
  • Read, read, read gather all of the information that you can.
  • Visit career related and corporate web sites.
  • Review Occupational Outlook Handbook online.
  • Contact alumni regarding their jobs.
Junior Year


Think strategically about gaining relevant experience.  Can you lead, solve problems, demonstrate flexibility and manage change?

  • Secure an internship/co-opmission critical to your success!   Watch CBAT Internship/Co-op Orientation (allow 25 minutes for viewing.)
  • Volunteer perform tasks related to your career goals.
  • Track class projects that have a real world flavor:  Was there a real or hypothetical client?  Did you produce a deliverable to the client?
  • Attend company presentations to learn about business strategy and  corporate climate as well as what the employer has to offer you.
  • View a resume writing workshop online or see Melinda for assistance.
  • If you are an accounting major, attend Accounting Networking Night to obtain internship leads. Banking students should attend Banking Meet and Greet.  Digital Media students may find internship leads at their annual networking events each spring term. Check calendar for dates and additional information.
  • Attend College of Business & Technology Career Fair for additional internship leads. Check calendar for dates and additional information.
  • Workshops:  Many job search workshops--resume writing, interviewing, cover letter writing, networking--are online under "Job Search."
Senior Year/Graduate Students in Final Year of Study

START YOUR CAREER:  CBAT Career Planning "Strategies for Success"

  1. Finalize and update your resume; email a copy to Melinda as a Word document. Meet with Melinda to make sure your resume tells "the story" it needs to tell. 
  2. Plan strategy regarding your Senior/Graduate Job Search with Melinda LaPrade, 309 Sam Wilson (439-5656; email: 
  3. Check your email accounts weekly to read career services updates regarding workshops, career fairs, jobs, campus interviews, internship/co-ops, and networking events. (If you are not receiving these messages from the CBAT Career Services listserv, please let Melinda know so you can be added as a subscriber.)
  4. Create your LinkedIn profile; make sure it is complete and use a professional head shot.
  5. Sign up for campus interviews!
  6. Attend employer information sessions.
  7. Attend meetings of professional organizations that track with your degree/major.
  8. Develop a spreadsheet to track employers contacted, date and type of contact, future action required.  Have you started networking as part of your job search strategy? 
  9. Develop an online professional profile on Linkedin.
  10. If your job search is stalling, meet with Melinda to discuss new strategies to revive your job search. Interviews:  Check web listings and weekly email messages.
  11. Attend CBAT Career Fair. Do your homework to have a successful career fair experience.
  12. Keep updating your resume as you add new experiences and skills.  Make sure it is accomplishment driven.

All resources available to you as students are available to you as alumni of the College.  

We are here to help you!

After Graduation

Explore opportunities for graduate school!  Visit the home page for ETSU's School of Graduate Studies for more information.


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