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Ethics Centers & Educational Courses

The name of each ethics center is a link that redirects to its specific webpage. Click the link to open it in a new tab. 


  •  American Society for Information Science - Since 1937, this has been the society for information professionals leading the search for new and better theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information.
  • ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Vision Statememt: To be the premier organization for promoting the art, science and practice of mechanical engineering throughout the world.
  • Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility - This centre's mission is to undertake research and provide teaching, consultancy and advice to individuals, communities, organisations and governments at local, national and international levels on the actual and potential impacts of computing and related technologies on society and its citizens.
  • Computer Ethics Institute - A 501(c)(3) research, education and policy study organization active at the interface of advances in information technologies, ethics and corporate and public policy.
  • Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - A public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society. We work to influence decisions regarding the development and use of computers because those decisions have far-reaching consequences and reflect our basic values and priorities.
  • Cyberspace Policy Institute - Established in October 1993 as a center for GW and the Washington area for the analysis of policy problems which have a significant technological component.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation - A non-profit organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and democracy online.
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center - A public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values.
  • Ethics Center for Engineering & Science - The mission of the Ethics Center is to provide engineers, scientists, science and engineering students with resources useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise in their work life.
  • Ethics Resource Center - A nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization visioning an ethical world through three distinct areas of expertise: Business/organizational ethics consulting; Character education; and, Ethics information clearinghouse.
  • Ethics Updates - Designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.
  • IEEE Ethics Committee - The Ethics Committee advises the Board of Directors on ethics policy and concerns as well as fostering awareness on ethical issues and promoting ethical behavior amongst individuals and organizations working within the IEEE fields of interest.
  • Institute for Global Ethics - An independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan organization dedicated to elevating public awareness and promoting the discussion of ethics in a global context.
  • Markkula Center for Applied Ethics - Located at Santa Clara University and established in 1986, the mission of the center is to heighten ethical awareness and improve ethical decision-making on campus and in the community at large.
  • Netcheck Commerce Bureau - Established to promote ethical business practices worldwide and to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet.
  • NIEE Home Page - The National Institute for Engineering Ethics was created by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in July 1988 and remained within NSPE until July 1996, at which time NIEE became an independent not-for-profit educational corporation.
  • Poynter Center - An endowed ethics research center at Indiana University-Bloomington.
  • SIGCAS - Brings together computer professionals, specialists in other fields, and the public at large to address concerns and raise awareness about the ethical and societal impact of computers.
  • Western Michigan University Ethics Center - The purpose of WMU's Center for the Study of Ethics is to encourage and support research, teaching, and service to the university and community in areas of applied and professional ethics. These areas include, but are not restricted to: business, education, engineering, government, health and human services, law, media, medicine, science and technology.

The course title, where available, is a link that redirects to the syllabus of that particular course. Click the link to open it in a new tab.


(De-) Coding the Drone Bard College Keith O'Hara
AI Safety, Ethics, and Policy Columbia University Chad DeChant
Artificial Intelligence Brown University George Konidaris
Artificial Intelligence- Philosophy, Ethics, and Impact Stanford University Jerry Kaplan
Computers and Society Columbia University Steven M. Bellovin
Computers and Society Bucknell University L. Felipe Perrone
Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy Stanford University Allison Berke, Keith Winstein
Computing and Society University of Lisbon Mário J Silva
Computing for the socio-technical web Wellesley College Catherine Grevet Delcourt
Data and Ethics UC Berkeley Anna Lauren Hoffmann
Data: past, present, and future Columbia University Matt Jones and Chris Wiggins
Economics, Law and Ethics University of Cambridge Ross Anderson
Ethics and Social Issues in AI Cornell University Joseph Halpern, Bart Selman
Ethics for Engineers Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bernhardt L Trout
Ethics in an Age of Technology UC Davis varies
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence University of Edinburgh Mark Sprevak
Ethics, Law & Profession of CS Univ. Complutense de Madrid Samer Hassan <>
Sara Román
Marcos Sánchez-Elez
Foundations of Internet Policy Massachusetts Institute of Technology Daniel Weitzner, Harold Abelson, Michael Fisher
Human/Algorithm Interaction Northwestern University Mike DeVito (Winter 2018)
Information Ecosystems University of Colorado Boulder Casey Fiesler
Information Ethics and Privacy in the Age of Big Data Montana State University Scott W. H. Young and Sara Mannheimer
Information Technology Ethics University of Wisconsin Milwaukee  
Introduction to Digital Information University of Wisconsin Madison Dorothea Salo
Introduction to Law and Ethics in LST Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Gaia Barazetti, Dominique Sprumont
Life, Computers, and Everything Bucknell University L. Felipe Perrone
Literature & Digital Diversity Northeastern University Elizabeth Maddock Dillon & Sarah Connell
Professional Ethics in Computing California State University Fullerton Beth Harnick-Shapiro
Programming Abstractions and Social Good Stanford University J. Cain
Social Implications of Computer Technology UC Berkeley Various
Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computing Bemidji State University Marty J. Wolf
Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications of Computing Portland State University Ellie Harmon (Winter 2018)
Sociology of Social Media UC Berkeley Stuart Geiger (Summer 2014)
The Social Life of Computing UC Berkeley Shreeharsh Kelkar
Time/Machine Bucknell University L. Felipe Perrone and Michael Drexler
Topics in Introductory Programming: Social Inquiry Haverford College Sorelle Friedler
Sociotechnical Perspectives of Information Systems University of British Columbia Richard Arias-Hernandez
Advanced Interaction & Service Design Concepts Carnegie Mellon Dan Lockton and Ahmed Ansari
AI & the Future of Work Georgetown University Mark MacCarthy
Behind the Data: Humans and Values UC Berkeley Deirdre Mulligan, Nathan Good, Anna Lauren Hoffmann, Morgan G. Ames
Big Data, Policy, and Ethics UC Berkeley Various
Data, Politics, & Power: Critical and Ethical Perspectives on Big Data and Algorithms University of Washington Anna Lauren Hoffmann
Deconstructing Data Science UC Berkeley David Bamman
Digital Citizenship, Open Access Course University of Alaska Jason Ohler
Digital Ethics University of Central Florida Jonathan Beever
Engineering Ethics Massachusetts Institute of Technology Taft Broome
Ethical & Legal Issues of Data Analytics Duke Fuqua School of Business Salman Azhar
Ethical Foundations for Information Security Fachhochschule St. Pölten Davi Ottenheimer
Ethics in NLP University of Washington Emily Bender
Ethics of Big Data Fachhochschule St. Pölten Davi Ottenheimer
Exploring the ethical questions of new technology University of Washington Katy Pearce
Fairness in Machine Learning UC Berkeley Moritz Hardt
Frontier AI & Robotics: Law & Ethics Duke Law Jeff Ward
Global Internet Freedom Georgetown University Leslie Harris
Governing Emerging Technologies Georgetown University Mark MacCarthy, Meg Leta Jones
ICT Law & Policy Georgetown University Meg Leta Jones, Leslie Harris
Information Ethics University of Maryland College Park Various
Information Law and Policy UC Berkeley Deirdre Mulligan
International/Comparative Privacy & Surveillance Georgetown University Meg Leta Jones
Media Ethics Leadership Fielding Graduate University Jason Ohler
Media, Algorithms & Platform Publics University of Southern California Mike Ananny & Colin Maclay
Policy and Ethics for Digital Curation University of Maryland College Park Katie Shilton
Privacy and Security Lab UC Berkeley Chris Hoofnagle
Privacy Law for Technologists UC Berkeley Chris Hoofnagle
Purdue's Reflective & Interactive Modules for Engineering Ethics Purdue University Andrew Brightman and colleagues
Robotics Law and Policy University of Washington Ryan Calo
Seminar in Critical Algorithm Studies TU Wien Various
Social and Economic Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Sciences Po Paris Nicolas Miailhe
Social Issues of Information UC Berkeley Various
Technology and Delegation UC Berkeley Deirdre Mulligan
Computational Ethics for NLP Carnegie Mellon Yulia Tsvetkov, Alan Black
Ethics for CS & EE Oregon Health & Science University Jill Dolata, Steven Bedrick


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