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Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate

College of Business and Technology


What are the benefits of obtaining an Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate?

Management of large and small enterprises recognizes the value of personnel trained in the creation and development of innovation within their organizations. They are also aware of the need for personnel trained in the analysis of external threats from competitive technologies and innovations. By obtaining an Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate (ELGC) from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) you will have demonstrated a broad degree of understanding in these arenas as well as specific knowledge directed at specific needs of today's marketplace.

What are the prerequisites for entering the ELGC  program and courses?

Graduate standing in any program at ETSU.

Is there any experiential learning involved in the program?

Many of the classes involve live cases applicable to the course content. The interaction with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are viewed as an essential part of the program. This interaction may occur with firms involved in the Innovation Laboratory or organizations external to ETSU. Also, many of the classes will incorporate guest lecturers based upon their expertise in specific areas.

Do I need to take the entire curriculum, or may I take only those courses that I feel would benefit my career?

While the courses are available for those that do not seek the ELGC, we would strongly advise you to consider obtaining the certificate. The courses are designed in a holistic fashion requiring the overall curriculum to provide the proper context for each individual course.

Are all of the courses applicable to other graduate degree programs at ETSU?

Graduate students electing to pursue a Master of Science in Technology degree program with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Leadership may transfer up to 18 credit hours to that program. With prior approval, graduate students pursuing the Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) could receive up to 12 credit hours for that program as follows: six for electives with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, three for the Strategic Management of Technology in lieu of Strategic Management Process, and three credits for Strategic Experience if this latter course is taken at the end of the program and fulfills that Culminating Experience requirement for their M.B.A. program.

How long will it take to obtain the ELGC?

The ELGC can be completed over a 12-month period. However, since courses are designed to be taken by those holding full-time employment, two nine-month academic years is a more typical program schedule.

Is there a specific order that the courses need to be taken in?

No. Each course is designed to require no prerequisite courses.

Can I obtain transfer credit for similar courses taken at other institutions?

Transfer credit requests will be handled on a case by case basis with evaluation by the faculty responsible for the comparable course. 

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