Sheri Jervis

Contact Information:

Office: Sam Wilson 227
Phone: 423-439-4202
Fax: 423-439-8583

Sheri Jervis, CAP, is the Executive Aide in the Department of Economics and Finance at East Tennessee State University.  She has served in that capacity since July 2009. She previously worked in the ETSU College of Medicine for almost three years.

Since 2006, Sheri has been employed at ETSU . She transferred to the College of Business & Technology in 2009 where she became much more involved in the student and academic side of ETSU. This has been a good experience for her which makes her feel more connected to ETSU and the university community.

Sheri has been attending ETSU as a part-time student for several years along with working full-time. She hopes to eventually complete her business degree.

In 2007, she received her CPS certification, which is now recognized as CAP. Keeping the certification active requires keeping up with the business world through working and taking classes. She plans to keep her certification active while continuing to work on her degree.

Sheri enjoys basketball, bowling, Zumba, playing the piano, and hanging out on the deck with her dogs.

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