The Economics Club and the Students of Finance Association

The following pictures were taken of the Economics Club and the Students of Finance Association at Meiwah Restaurant in the Spring of 2011.

ETSU Student Analyst Team Advances in Global Investment Research Challenge

(March 4, 2011)   The ETSU student group recently won the right to advance in the Global Investment Research Challenge while competing at the Nashville Chapter competition.   This victory allows ETSU to compete in the Americas Regional Final taking place in Omaha, Nebraska between April 5 and April 7.   The competition is sponsored by the CFA Institute and all travel expenses to the regional final are paid by the CFA Institute.   ETSU will compete against 40 schools from both North and South America that have also advanced to the regional final.   Only one school from this group will be chosen to compete at the Global Challenge.

The Nashville competition involved both a written report and oral presentation on the valuation of Tractor Supply, which was the company chosen by the Nashville CFA Chapter.   Several schools across Tennessee competed.   The winning team at ETSU is composed of both undergraduate and graduate students who have been working on this project since last November.   Team members are Jed Dahl (Captain), John Miller, Whitney Babel, Yuchao Du, and Yuanjing Qiu.   The group was chosen by their advisor, Dr. William Trainor who is a finance professor at ETSU.   Trainor said he chose the group from former students who had been in his Applied Equity Valuation class.   This class actually manages over $400,000 of Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) investment portfolio which is a part of the University Investment Challenge Program.   ETSU has been quite successful in this challenge as well placing 3 rd in 2009 and 7 th in 2010.   In both cases, because of ETSU’s superior performance relative to the S&P 500, a 44% return in 2009 and 22% in 2010, performance bonus money was award to ETSU.  

Trainor said the Nashville competition was stiff and is expected to become even more so at the regionals.   Some teams we competed against had graduate students only.   The fact we won just shows the quality of student we have here at ETSU along with their work ethic.   While many students were enjoying their holiday break, this team was working on their report.   I couldn’t be more pleased with how this group came together and everyone is looking forward to competing in the regionals.


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