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Department of Management and Marketing

College of Business and Technology

Core Requirements

ETSU Academic Proficiency Requirements:

  • Writing: Students must complete a minimum of four writing-intensive courses. At least two of these courses must be in the major field of study. At least two of the four courses must be at the 3000-4000 level.

  • Oral Communication: Students must complete a minimum of two oral communication-intensive courses. At least one of these courses must be in the major field of study.

  • Using Information Technology: Students must pass the information technology proficiency exam or successfully complete CSCI 1100, Using Information Technology, during their first calendar year or prior to accumulating 33 semester credits at ETSU. In addition, students must complete at least one using information technology-intensive course in the major field of study.

Transfer students may be subject to reduced number of intensives. See ETSU Academic Proficiency Requirements for details.


Special Admission Requirements for College of Business and Technology B.B.A. Majors

  1. Each student planning to pursue the B.B.A. degree in business must apply for admission to a business major upon completion of 60 credit hours.
  2. Upon completion of 60 credit hours, each student who applies for admission to a major in business will be admitted if the following requirements are met:

    1. The student must have attained a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0, except accountancy majors who must attain a minimum of 2.50.

    2. The following English composition and mathematics courses of the General Education Requirements must have been successfully completed:
      ENGL1010 Critical Reading and Expository Writing
      ENGL1020 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
      MATH1530 Probability & Statistics - Non-Calculus

    3. The student must have completed and earned a grade of "C" or better in each of the following Business courses:
      ACCT2010 Principles of Accounting I
      ACCT2020 Principles of Accounting II
      ECON2210 Principles of Economics I
      ECON2220 Principles of Economics II
      ECON2070 Quantitative Methods For Business I
      ECON2080 Quantitative Methods For Business II
  3. These admission standards apply to all entering ETSU students, to ETSU students seeking to change from a non-business to a business major, to students seeking to transfer from other institutions, and to students readmitted to ETSU.

Additional information regarding admissions and retention policies, as well as career opportunities in business, may be obtained in the college's Office of Undergraduate Studies in room 213, Sam Wilson Hall, phone (423) 439-4289. 

Minor  A minor is not required for students who have B.B.A. majors.

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