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Chairs Handbook

East Tennessee State University


FORM: CL (Collaborative Programs)
Don't alter contents of form.

This form is rarely, if ever, used at ETSU. Contact the Office of the Provost in the event this form is needed.

Sponsoring Institutions:



Degree Program:

Length of agreement:
(open-ended or limited)

  1. Which institution(s) will have a degree-granting authority?

  2. Which institution(s) will have the authority for faculty hiring, course assignment, evaluation, and reappointment decisions?

  3. What agreements exist to ensure that faculty from all participating institutions will be involved in decisions about the curriculum, admissions standards, exit requirements?

  4. Which institution(s) will be responsible for academic and student-support services, e.g., registration, advising, library, academic assistance, financial aid, etc.?

  5. What agreements exist to ensure that the academic calendars of the participating institutions have been aligned as needed?

  6. In addition to the information provided by each participating institution regarding Financial Projections (Form FP), please address the following items:

    1. How will tuition rates be determined if they differ among the institutions?

    2. Has a formal agreement been developed regarding cost-sharing policies? If yes, please include it as part of the proposal. If no, please summarize the current understanding between all parties and the plans for developing a formal agreement.

    3. What arrangements, if any, have been made for exchange of money between participating institutions?

  7. What commitments have been made by all participants to evaluate the program systematically?

  8. If one institution wishes to discontinue the program, what agreements exist for terminating the offering?

  9. Specify any other issues and how they are proposed to be addressed.

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