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Child Study Center

Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Learning & Development

Busy Day

teacher talking about buying books

Some days, there is just a lot to do. Today, we started by talking about how to shop for books at the book fair. Each of the children brought in money to spend at the fair. We counted everyone’s money and talked how different bills and coins are worth different amounts.

counting the money

The children were asked about whether or not a child with $5 could buy a book that said $7. We also asked if a child with $10 could buy two $5 books.

paying for books

We then went to the fair and let each child pick out their books. They then went to the cashier (Ms. Amber) who had them total their books and asked them how much change they should get back.

girl buying books

The class read their books at naptime.

teacher showing children how to throw pizza dough

After the shopping event, Ms. Amber showed the children how to throw pizza dough.

girl putting tomato paste on pizza dough

They then made their own pizzas that they ate for lunch.

boy putting cheese on pizza

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