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simulating volcanic activity

The Ladybugs created volcanic action by using a water and soda mixture, that was frozen, and then dropping vinegar onto the mixture. When the children asked “Do volcanoes make an island?” We looked up underwater volcanoes on the computer.

screen shot underwater volcano


Earlier the children made clay volcanoes. Once the clay was dry they add color to their volcano. Conversations that encourage the thinking processes about volcanoes occurred while painting.

luca painting volcano


Luca-“It’s erupting right down. Everybody get out of town. This is the magma chamber.”

gage painting clay volcano


Gage- “Mine’s big and tall.
Lava, lava flowing right down.
Lava, lava get out of town.”

abigal paints volcano


Abigal- "It's going out."












kieran painting volcano


Kieran- “My volcano is going to erupt in just 10 minutes.”


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