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Little Bucs

Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Learning & Development

Outdoor Classroom

child examines new buds on limb

child playing in sandbox

child examines stone landscape

Outdoor Classroom Exploration

Explorers Room/ Spring 2016


first blooms in early spriing


examining seeds and berries



What can children learn from outdoor exploration? How does playing in nature help with their understanding of the world around them?

boy plays with ball outside


The Significance of the Outdoor Classroom



creating structures in sandbox





Learning about the natural world



child studies buds on branch

What do children observe beyond the trees?





Kitchen Play: Exploration of mud/water properties

child "cooking" in outdoor kitchen

close up of kitchen utensils

children playing in outdoor kitchen


I noticed children transferring pebbles and rocks into the bowls found in the mud kitchen on a daily basis. The children also utilizes tools such as spoons, shovels and hands to scoop/stir/dump water and pebbles either on the ground or the other available bowl.

children "cooking" with sand and water


Are they observing the properties of water? Maybe the anticipation of the motion an object makes as it comes in contact with the water or the sound of the object as it clangs against the bowl? Or perhaps they are focused on “creating” some type of concoction, based on a previous experience in the kitchen with family as the art of cooking was taking place?

child pretending to cook


child scooping sand and soil

Children have been observing textures with soil and sand through...

...Touch, sound & taste...

child playing in outdoor classroom

What do we learn from the outdoor classroom vs. the indoor classroom? What can be discovered?


boy mixing sand and water

child standing by climbing log

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