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Human Services Program

Department of Counseling and Human Services

Student Organization

The Human Services Student Organization (HSSO) is a platform to collaborate and accomplish goals and activities related to Human Services.

HSSO provides a forum for communication and activities for students and faculty while providing a base for student projects and fundraising. HSSO accomplishes these tasks through regularly scheduled meetings to encourage communication and formation of acquaintances between people who share the same career path. In addition, HSSO provides networking between students to connect as they move through the program and explore potential careers within the field of Human Services.

Furthermore, the organization provides a springboard to accomplish missions helping those in need - some as simple as just getting together for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and others as involved as a Holiday Card campaign for soldiers or an adventure hike in the nearby mountains. The HSSO has sponsored speakers for human service initiatives such as helping establish schools in South Sudan. Students in Human Services have contributed thousands of hours to helping others with their issues and problems.

We are open to students who want to practice their skills in human services and make a visible contribution toward helping others. Experience and leadership through the Human Services Student Organization truly enhances your classroom learning and indicates on your resume that you have practiced the craft for which you are applying. The benefits from the HSSO come from participation and go even further as you begin your professional career. We want to welcome you to our community.

Check out our organization at this link: HSSO at ETSU or search for Human Services Student Organization (HSSO) on Facebook.

Human Services Student Organization's Contributions

HSSO student organization  provided supplies to a local facility for victims of domestic violence

One of the first initiatives of the HSSO student organization was to provide supplies to a local facility for victims of domestic violence. The need for clothing, first aid supplies, personal care items, toys, books, cell phones, and many more items are essential to assisting victims as they seek shelter in places where they can be safe and secure until resources can be acquired and a plane of action generated. Funding from tax sources are slim; students worked to gather materials and set up this supply chain.

HSSO student organization was visiting children

Another contribution of the HSSO student organization was visiting children who were seriously ill and staying at local hospitals for medical procedures and recuperation. One of the Human Services students created a therapeutic clown program. The HSSO student organization conducted fundraisers to pay for supplies, which included orange noses to give to children, toys, and other gifts. The rooms and hallways resounded with laughter as a healing agent, augmenting the lives of children and their families undergoing trauma and treatment.




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