Family Studies Minor

Family Studies offers students a theoretical and practical understanding of the family as a social institution and a vital social system. Students will study the individual's development within the family, the interrelationships among family members, and the reciprocal influence of the family and society at large. The Family Studies minor seeks to prepare students for entry-level careers or graduate study in a variety of fields such as public policy human service, counseling, law and research.

Please keep in mind that it is required for students who are interested in pursuing a minor to meet with and work with an advisor. It is important to meet with an advisor early to make a plan for taking classes. Please contact Dr. Jamie Kridler for advisement at

The minor in Family Studies consists of 18 credit hours of which 9 must be at 3000 level or above. A grade of "C" or above must be earned in all of the course work for this major. For more information including course requirements, click here: Family Studies Minor