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Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Clemmer College

John Mooneyham M Ed
John Mooneyham

John  Mooneyham M Ed

Cohort Advisor
Curriculum and Instruction
865-429-7733 /
141 ETSU Sevierville


 John Mooneyham is the Cohort Advisor and Field Supervisor for the Elementary Education cohort programs at the ETSU Sevierville campus. John received his B.S. in History from ETSU in 2009, his M.Ed. in Secondary Education in 2015 and is currently working on his Ph.D. in English as a Second Language Education at UTK. John’s interest in teaching ESL lead him to teach and live in South Korea from 2010-2013 and co-lead a study abroad program with ETSU to China in 2015. This is his fifth year with CUAI, and he looks forward to the continued growth of our cohort programs.


B.S. History, Minor in History Education

M.Ed. Secondary Education with a Pre-K-12 ESL Concentration


K-5 Cohort Recruitment, Advisement, and Supervision; Instructor for ESL Program courses.


CUAI 5601 ESL History, Practice, and Assessment
CUAI 5602 ESL Literacy and Methods
CUAI 5603 ESL Speech and Curriculum Development
CUAI 5604 ESL Internship;
CUAI 4957/5957 Literacy Materials for ESL
READ 5750 Literacy in Diverse Classrooms
CUAI 4707/5707 Classroom Management 
CUAI 4560 First Days of School Pre-Residency
CUAI 4241 Residency I – Elementary Clinical Field K-5
CUAI 4590 Residency II – Clinical Experiences Elementary Grades
CUAI 4591 Residency II: Elementary Seminar 


K-5 & Secondary Education- Pre-Residency, Residency 1 & 2.
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