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Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

College of Education


Residency is viewed as an opportunity for students to participate in various activities within the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis as well as other outside organizations. This opportunity allows students to demonstrate continuing growth of awareness and understanding of the wider profession of educational leadership.

A student becomes eligible to begin meeting the residency requirements after the completion of one semester. The student begins this process by discussing the residency with their cohort advisor or program advisor and filing a Declaration of Intent to Establish Residency form.

The student then consults with their cohort advisor to design a plan of activities which will meet the residency requirements and enhance the student's educational experience. These activities are to be completed before the student's Qualifying Examinations. Throughout the completion of these requirements, the student will maintain documentation of the learning and reflection prompted by each of the designated activities and by the cumulative experience. The advisor will review this documentation and upon his or her approval will sign on the "Report of Examination" form.  

The standard residency requirement is that the student be a full-time student for two consecutive semesters, during each of which he or she is enrolled for no less than 10 semester hours of approved course work. However, there are four options for students in the ELPA department:

  1. Residency of two consecutive semesters during which the student would be employed no more than half-time.
  2. Residency of two consecutive semesters, which shall include one semester of not more than half-time employment and one with no employment restrictions.
  3. Residency of four consecutive summer semesters (including one Pre-Summer term), during which times the student may not work.
  4. A "continuous" residency that requires each student to be continuously enrolled (3 semester hours) in the program (Spring and Fall semesters) from the time of the student's initial course in the program until the qualifying exam is completed.

ELPA Cohort students select option 4 when completing their intent to establish residency form. After completion, this form is submitted to the appropriate dropbox in their cohort site on D2L.

Each student regardless of the residency option selected, must receive prior approval of a residency plan by their cohort advisor. Each student must complete the required 10 approved residency activities and submit documentation of their completion to their advisor.  Any modification of the Residency Plan must be approved, in writing, by the student's cohort advisor. 

List of residency guidelines and recommended activities. Each concentration will provide specific guidelines for how to choose and complete their specific residency requirements. Students must discuss residency plans with their cohort advisor.

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