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Genealogy and Health

Interested in finding out about your family tree and health conditions that affected your ancestors? 

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Medical Conditions

Online Archive of American Folk Medicine

The Museum at Mountain Home in Johnson City, Tennessee, fills a singular place in the documentation of the heritage of South Central Appalachia.  Although the Museum displays are still under construction, when completed they will illustrate the history of the Veterans Administration Medical Center at Mountain Home and the story of the development of health care in South Central Appalachia. The displays encompass the people, events, and activities that have shaped medical care in the region. The rich medical and military history includes such diverse topics as Native American herbal medicine, the Veterans Association Medical Center (Mountain Home), advances in medical treatment during wartime, the development of health care institutions, and the development of educational institutions. Through exhibits and other programs and special events, the museum will enlighten and intrigue its patrons with a visitor-centered museum experience. All museum activities will be enhanced by the comprehensive collection of artifacts and related information.


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