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Biomedical Sciences

Quillen College of Medicine


Stereo Microscopy


Olympus SZ61TR Stereoscope:

The MCF also houses the Olympus SZ61TR stereomicroscope located in Room 119 of Building 119.  The SZ61TR offers the best zoom ratio in its class (6.7:1), outstanding depth of field and flatness, accurate color reproduction, and sharp, clear, high contrast images.  The SZ61TR is situated on an Olympus SZ2-ILST6 LED-illuminated stand which features simultaneous transmitted and reflected light, and also has attached a fiber optic illumination system for added overhead light requirements.  The trinocular format of the stand has allowed the MCF to add to the stereoscope an Infinity 1-2CB 2 megapixel digital color camera (Lumenera Corp.) which lets the user obtain high resolution, low magnification color photos of gross specimens and stained tissue sections.  Use of the SZ61TR is offered on a fee-free basis for university faculty, staff, and students.

Olympic Stereo



 Leica MZ16 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscope:

The MZ16 FA Fluorescence Stereomicroscope is fully apochromatic, fully automatic, and motorized to give the user complete control of filter changes, zoom, focus, UV shutter, and control of the double iris aperture all at the touch of a button. 

Some of the specifications of the MZ16 FA:

                High zoom capability of 16:1 ratio

                High resolution of 840 Lp/mm

                High magnification of 115x using standard optics

                Patented illumination/filter system that gives the most intense fluorescence on a jet black background

                An HL RC high-performance transmitted-light base for excellent relief contrast

The MZ16 FA offers unmatched ergonomics, speed, optical performance and fluorescence quality in a user-friendly format.  The MCF offers the MZ16 FA for use by faculty, staff, and students on a fee-free basis.

Leica Scope











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