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Office of the Dean

Quillen College of Medicine

Approved Committee Appointment Procedure

LCME Standard 1.3          Mechanisms for Faculty Participation

A medical school ensures that there are effective mechanisms in place for direct faculty participation in decision-making related to the medical education program, including opportunities for faculty participation in discussions about, and the establishment of, policies and procedures for the program, as appropriate. 


College of Medicine Bylaws 

Article VI. 2.11 The standing committees of the college are:


  • Academic Partnership Council
  • Admissions Committee
  • Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee
  • Diversity Council
  • Faculty Advisory Council
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee
  • Institutional Committee on Graduate Medical Education
  • Learning Resources Advisory Committee
  • Medical Student Education Committee
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Student Promotions Committee
  • Committee on Gender and Special Issues

Article VI. 2.12   Committee Appointments: The Dean shall make appointments to standing committees after considering recommendations by the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC). The constituency representation shall be in accordance with guidelines established within the College of Medicine.


Membership on some committees is defined by function with individuals serving in specific positions being members by virtue of their positions.   These committees include:

                Academic Partnership Council - The Academic Partnership Council is appointed by the VA Director and is comprised of deans and senior faculty members of the affiliated medical and dental schools and other academic institutions as appropriate, representative(s) of the full-time medical/dental staffs of the VA facility, and such other faculty of the affiliated schools and staff of the VA facility as are appropriate to consider and advise on the full range of the committee's responsibilities.

                Faculty Advisory Council – positions elected by departments as described in Article II of the College of Medicine Faculty Bylaws

                Institutional Committee on Graduate Medical Education - The composition of the Committee will be the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, the Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, representatives of medical affairs from participating hospitals, one peer selected resident representative from each residency program, and other appropriate individuals involved in furthering graduate medical education as appointed by the Dean. The Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education will Chair the Committee.

                Promotion and Tenure Committee - as approved by FAC August 2016

                Student Promotions Committee – consists of course/clerkship directors as outlined in Student Promotions Committee Policy in Catalog page 66


Membership on all other standing committees of the college is open to any member of the faculty as defined by Article 1 of the College of Medicine bylaws


When vacancies on a committee are identified, the FAC shall issue a call for volunteers by email to the faculty.  Interested faculty members may indicate their interest by email to the FAC chair, secretary or their departmental representative.  Faculty members seeking appointment to these committees shall demonstrate to the FAC that they have relevant interest, expertise, or experience and that their other faculty responsibilities will provide sufficient time to fulfill the responsibilities of committee membership.  Once the FAC has approved a volunteer for membership based on the above, the dean will be notified that an appointment is recommended.  It is expected that the dean will appoint those recommended.  Should the dean choose not to appoint those recommended, he/she will report to the FAC the decision and its rationale at the next scheduled meeting of the FAC.

 Approved by FAC 10/19/16

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