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Office of the Dean

Quillen College of Medicine

Faculty Advisory Committee

James H. Quillen College of Medicine
Faculty Advisory Council


Richard Feit, MD
Section of Medical Education
Second Term
Tamara McKenzie, MD
First Term
Antonio Rusinol Ph.D
Biomedical Sciences
First Term
Jim Holt, MD
Family Medicine
First Term
Timir Paul, MD
Internal Medicine
Second Term
Racine Edwards-Silva
First Term
Rick Wallace, MSLS EdD
Learning Resources
Matrina Schmidt, MD
First Term
Martha Bird, MD
Second Term
Donald Hoover, PhD
Biomedical Sciences
Second Term
Qian Xie, PhD
Biomedical Sciences
First Term
Mitchell Robinson, PhD
Biomedical Sciences
Second Term
William Stone, MD
Second Term
William A. Block, Jr., MD, MBA
Vice President for Clinical Affairs and Dean of the Quillen College of Medicine
Kenneth Olive, MD
Exec Assoc Dean Academic & Faculty Affairs
Valentin Yakubenko, PhD
Biomedical Sciences
First Term


1.0 Membership:

1.1 The Faculty Advisory Council shall consist of one member of the full-time Faculty, exclusive of the Department Chair, from each of the clinical science departments, five members, exclusive of the Department Chair, from the Biomedical Sciences department and one member from Learning Resources and Section of Medical Education. The Dean of the College of Medicine shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Faculty Advisory Council.

1.2 Election of Council members shall be held by the full-time Faculty of each department, excluding the Chair. Any qualified member of the Faculty for at least one year and holding the academic rank of Assistant Professor or above shall be eligible for election. The full- time Faculty of a department shall elect a replacement to fill an unexpired term. Names of the members of the Faculty Advisory Council shall be reported to the College of Medicine Faculty.

1.3 The term in office is for three years. A member shall be eligible for a consecutive term, and is eligible for reelection one year after service of two consecutive terms. An exception may be made in the case of a member filling less than one year of an unexpired term, in which case the member may be reelected twice, with due observance of all other qualifications.

1.4 The membership roster shall be maintained by the Deans Office. The Deans Office shall notify the Departments of term expirations.

2.0 Officers: The officers of the Faculty Advisory Council shall be a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary chosen from the elected membership of the Council. The term of each is one year and no one may serve consecutive terms in any of the three offices. Upon completion of
one year of service, an officer is eligible to serve during the ensuing year in either of the other two offices.

3.0 Purpose and Responsibilities: The Faculty Advisory Council

3.1 may advise the Dean on matters pertinent to the function and welfare of the College of Medicine.

3.2 may recommend policies to the Dean on subjects of concern to the College of Medicine.

3.3 may call meetings of the Faculty.

3.4 may prepare items to be included on the agenda of Faculty Meetings.

3.5 shall serve as a mechanism for formal communications between the Faculty and the Dean where major problems involving a faculty member have not been resolved by usual administrative procedures. Upon request of the Dean, the Council shall investigate these matters and present its findings and recommendations to the Dean. Grievances or problems related to tenure, promotion or dismissal, as well as matters not resolved to the individual's satisfaction by the Council and the Dean may be referred to the University Faculty Grievance Committee for its consideration.

3.6 may call upon other members of the Faculty and appoint ad hoc committees to assist the Council in the performance of its duties.

3.7 shall recommend to the Dean names of faculty to serve on committees

3.8 shall supervise elections in the College of Medicine

3.9 may organize itself, subject to this document, in any manner appropriate to the accomplishment of its duties.

4.0 Meetings:

4.1 The Faculty Advisory Council shall ordinarily meet monthly and on call of the Chair or the Dean for special meetings. Meetings of the Council shall be open to members of the Faculty upon request. The Council may vote to hold executive sessions, limited to its members and other invited persons.

4.2 The agenda for Council meetings shall be prepared by the Officers of the Council and distributed to members before the meeting.

4.3 Two-thirds of the Council shall constitute a quorum.

5.0 Records and Reports:

5.1 Complete minutes of all meetings of the Faculty Advisory Council shall be kept for the future use of the Council and the Dean.

5.2 Minutes of each meeting shall be distributed to faculty in the College of Medicine within fourteen days after approval.

6.0 Elections in the College of Medicine:

6.1 College of Medicine elections shall be handled in a fair and equitable manner by the Faculty Advisory Council.

6.2 In all elections, all votes shall have the same weight, with election to a position by a simple majority. The Faculty Advisory Council shall decide ties by lot.

6.3 Voting may be by paper ballot or by electronic ballot.

6.4 The Faculty Advisory Council shall report to the Faculty of the College of Medicine the names of the candidates elected and the number of ballots distributed and returned.


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