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Office of the Dean

Quillen College of Medicine

119 Renovation

As the construction renovations in Building 119 near, plans are in place to ensure continued operations during the phased closure of each part of the building. Dr. Greg Ordway has spearheaded the efforts to organize the activities associated with moving labs during the construction. Both Dr. Ordway and Dr. Bagnell have been communicating plans with the department chairs, soliciting input, and incorporating specific details into the plans. Each chair will be receiving department specific information from Dr. Ordway about the renovations. Kenton Hall (Internal Medicine) and Cynthia Taylor (Pharmacology) are helping manage this endeavor, so you may be getting questions from them as the project moves ahead. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the renovations. If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Cynthia Taylor (ETSU email taylorc or 9-6207).

Renovation FAQs (updated on Mar 16, 2011)

When does construction begin? How long will the entire project take?

Construction is estimated to begin in September 2011. The exact date will depend on completion of the NIH review of construction documents. The contractor estimates completion will take 1 to 1.25 years.

When is my area being renovated?

At this point, exact dates are not known. The following are estimates by Dr. Ordway that will change when the Construction Manager is able to provide more details. Use these date estimates with caution. Construction is divided among these phases:



Penthouse level

Sep 2011 Dec 2011


Basement, west side and DLAR offices

Nov 2011 Jan 2012



Jan 2012 Feb 2012



Jan 2012 Feb 2012


Second floor, west side

Mar 2012 May 2012


Third floor, west side

Apr 2012 Jun 2012


Basement, east side

May 2012 Jul 2012


Second floor, east side

Jun 2012 Aug 2012


Third floor, east side

July 2012 Sep 2012

Where is the dividing line between east and west sides of a single floor?

Each floor will be divided into an east and west component for construction based on the electrical and HVAC systems. It will not be in the center of the building and will vary from floor to floor.

How long will each phase take?

The contractor estimates that each numbered phase will take 1 to 3 months.

When will I have to move?

Laboratories will need to be moved in advance of construction by at least 1 month.

How long will I have to be moved from my space?

Based on the contractor estimates, each phase will last 1 to 3 months depending on the space. Because of the time each sub-phase (a, b) will take, it is likely you will be out of your space for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 3 months.

Will I have access to my lab space while it is under construction?

No. The construction zone will be sealed and off limits. Some minor exceptions will be allowed for only a few major pieces of equipment.

Do I have to move everything out of my lab?

No. You do need to move everything that you anticipate needing in order to continue research for the time period (max 3 months) where your lab will be closed for construction. Remember the construction zone will be sealed and inaccessible to you.

Will the Core Facility be operational?

The Core Facility will remain operational during the entire renovation except for a few days when it is being relocated.

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