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East Tennessee Pediatric Internet Curriculum

Quillen College of Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine

Pediatric CATs (Critically Appraised Topics)- This is a collection of peer-reviewed CATs authored by ETSU Pediatrics residents based on their monthly journal club.

EBM Journal Club Schedule 2016-2017

 EBM Journal Club Schedule 2015-2016

EBM Journal Club Schedule July 2013 -June 2014

 EBM Journal Club Schedule July 2012-June 2013

EBM Journal Club Schedule July 2011-June 2012

Sample PICO Question:

P - In pediatric patients with symptoms of possible intussusception (i.e. vomiting)
I - how does X-ray and/or clinical assessment (could also include ultrasound) compare to

C gold standard (probably contrast enema or laparotomy)
O - In accurately diagnosing intussusception?

Dr. Schetzina's Introduction to Journal Club

Contact Information

Contact Nakia Woodward at the medical library for assistance in evidence searches ( or 439-6246)

Email Dr. Schetzina with any questions:

EBM Resources

EBM Critical Appraisal Worksheets

ETSU MED Library

The following series of four lectures reviews principles of epidemiology and statistics essential for critical review of the medical literature.

   PPT  EBM Lecture 1

   pic  EBM Lecture 2

   pic  EBM Lecture 3

   pic   EBM Lecture

  pic  Bayes Theorem Grid

pic  Guide

pic  How to Use a Clinical Practice Guideline

pic  How to Use an Article About a Diagnostic Test

pic  How to Use an Article about Harm

pic  How to Use an Article about Prognosis

pic  How to Use an Article About Therapy or Prevention

pic  Use of the Confidence Interval


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