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Family Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine


How successful have International Medical Institute Graduates been in gaining entry into U.S. or Canadian based residency programs?


As of August 2011, seven of the first twelve IMG Institute graduates have gained entry into U.S. based residency programs. Five residency programs in 4 states have accepted IMGI participants into their programs. Two additional participants are involved in post graduate training outside the United States or Canada.  Additional results of a follow up survey of IMGI graduates, when ready, should provide additional information regarding the value of the Institute to the graduates as they seek interviews and entry into residency programs.


Does attending the IMG Institute improve my chances of being accepted into one of the Department of Family Medicines 3 residency programs?

You should not apply to participate in the IMG Institute for the purpose of obtaining an interview for seeking entry into one of our 3 residency programs. The Department of Family Medicine and its 3 residency programs have well defined criteria that must be met by those individuals seeking an interview and acceptance into our residency programs.

Below are the application criteria that pertain to graduates of international medical schools:

Criteria for Graduates from International Medical School

  • A graduate within the past three years of a medical school is recognized and approved by the Tennessee State Board of Medical Examiners
  • Exception to the three-year graduation rule will be considered for applicants who have been involved in direct clinical care* since the time of graduation, with a total of no more than two years away from direct clinical care since graduation
  • Medical School Transcript
  • USMLE Transcript including passing scores on Step 1 and both parts of Step 2, and not more than one failure on any single step exam.
  • ECFMG Certification
  • Current CV
  • Medical School Performance Evaluation from the dean of your school
  • Three letters of reference from faculty members or preceptors aware of your clinical skills
  • Personal Statement outlining your interest in a career in Family Medicine
  • Eligible for employment at ETSU: have US Citizenship, a Green Card or eligible for a J-1 Visa. (Note: FM only accepts J-1 Visas)
  • Eligible for licensure in Tennessee as outlined in the Rules of Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners

     Note: Exception to the three-year graduation rule will be considered for applications who have been involved in direct clinical care* since the time of medical school graduation, with a total of no more than three years away from direct clinical care since graduation.

    * "Direct clinical care" includes only work as a physician or mid-level provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant) either as an independent licensed practitioner or in a formally approved training program (residency, fellowship, etc.)  It does not include observerships, nursing or other ancillary health care positions (other than midlevel practitioner), or any positions not involving direct patient care responsibilities.

Secondary Screening:

Applications are reviewed by our recruitment committee and preference given to applicants with excellent communication skills, US clinical training/experience, motivation, and leadership. A commitment to professionalism in comprehensive, community focused,  patient centered, compassionate care is our expectation.


Will I be provided letters of recommendation by Institute faculty members after I complete the program?


You may request Letters of Recommendation after completing the program. Our policy is for one of the Institutes program directors to prepare the Evaluation Letter at your request  and to send it directly to ERAS or to the residency program to which you  are seeking  entry.  The letter will confirm that you have completed our IMG Institute program and it will summarize all evaluation data related to your performance.  Both your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate will be presented.  This data will have been sent directly to you, already,  approximately  two weeks after you completed the program.


Will I receive a certificate or letter that indicates that I completed the International Medical Graduate Institute?


You will receive a formal certificate of completion at the end of the program.


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