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Department of Internal Medicine

Quillen College of Medicine

Post Residency Breakdown

Post-Residency Breakdown:
Fellowship & Carrier Destinations, 2012-2017


East Tennessee State University
University of Louisville, KY
University of Texas
Jersey Shore University Medical Center

East Tennessee State University
East Carolina University
University of South Alabama 

Infectious Diseases:
East Tennessee State University
University of North Carolina
Wake Forrest University
University of Augusta Georgia
Allegheny General Hospital
University of Tennessee – Knoxville

East Tennessee State University
Tulane University
University of Texas 

Emory University
University of Florida
Penn State University
East Carolina University
Vanderbilt University
University of Virginia 

Palliative Care:
Duke University
Emory University

Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia  

Total Number of Residents over 2012-2017: 125
Cardiology – 11%
GI – 7%
ID – 6%
Pulm & Critical Care – 11%
Heme-Onc – 6%
Nephrology – 5%
Primary Care – 7%
Hospitalist – 38%
ER – 3%
Palliative Care – 2%
Allergy & Immunology – 1%
Anesthesia – 1%
Forensic Psychiatry – 1%

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