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In-Vivo Xtreme Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine

Fee Schedule
COM Users
non-COM users
Non-ETSU users
Orientation fee required for all first-time users  $50 $50 $50
Operation of system with assistance from coordinator $100 / hr $125 / hr $150 / hr
Operation of system without assistance $50 / hr $62.5 / hr $75 / hr


Access to User Log-in Sheet will be obtained from Janet Lightner during orientation.  Usage time of the In-Vivo Xtreme system will be monitored by the user filling in the User Log-in sheet and turning the sheet in to Janet on a daily/weekly basis.  Janet will submit invoices to user monthly.  Billing will be overseen by Angie Metcalf, Manager, and Janey Crabtree, Financial Coordinator, both from the Dept. of Internal Medicine.  




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