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Molecular Biology Core Facility

Quillen College of Medicine

G: Box

The SYNGENE G:BOX iChemi XT  is a high performing system is suitable for fluorescence and chemiluminescence using a 4.2 megapixel camera. It has a large aperture lens making it perfect for low light level applications where longer exposures are needed.




White Light
Every G:BOX has an integral white LED lighting system.

UV Fluorescence
Using the 302nm UV transilluminator and Orange emission filter, images of ethidium bromide stained DNA gels can be captured in a matter of seconds. Additional Fluorescent dyes compatible with this filter include: Gel Red, ProQ Diamond, Deep Purple.

Protein gels stained with either coomassie blue stain or silver stain can easily be captured with a G:BOX using a white light converter screen with the UV transilluminator..

Chemiluminescence with a G:BOX is very easy. Simply place the blot inside the system and GeneSnap software in iChemi mode will assess the output. Within seconds you can make a choice between having a speedy image or one taking a little more time if high quality is required. Either way you can capture quality chemiluminescence images with accuracy and minimal effort.

Colorimetric markers can also be automatically captured and merged on the same image.




G:BOX iChemi XT Specifications
Megapixels 4.2
A/D 16 bit
Greyscales 65536
Dynamic Range 4.8
Cooling Ultra 2stage peltier cooling for extra long exposures
Lens F0.95
Filter wheel motor driven Yes
UV Transilluminator (20 cm x 20 cm) Yes
Visible Light NovaGlo Yes
Blue Light Converter Option
White Epi- Overhead Yes
Epi UV Option
Epi LEDs for Fluorescence Option
Epi IR Option
Fold Down Visible Light Table No
Blue Light Transilluminator Option
Dimensions (WxLxD cm) 57 x 100 x 52
Weight 45 kg


You must be trained prior to using the G:box.  Contact us for details.                            

Fee:  $5.00/session



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